The fable "The Mirror and the monkey": analysis of product

Many of us remember from childhood line of rhymed stories about various animals.The author of these works of Ivan Krylov - the famous Russian fabulist, the fame of whose poems have long gone beyond the borders of his homeland.It's no secret that with the help of animal acts ridiculing this author reveals various defects of people, for which he has repeatedly been condemned by critics, and the fable "The Mirror and the monkey" is just such a product.Let's take a closer look at this fascinating history and try to understand its meaning.

Summary works

fable "The Mirror and the monkey" is a fascinating story, the action begins with the fact that the monkey accidentally sees himself in the mirror and stop your eyes on this.In the poem accurately describes all the emotions she is experiencing at the same time: the contempt and disgust, because the monkey does not know that she looks at herself.Along the way, pushing sitting beside bear the main character of the plot begins to share with him my thoughts about that person that looks at her reflection, calling it a poseur and comparing with their girlfriends gossips, what the bear did not explain the monkey that forthe other side of her face as it looks, but only hinted at this fact, which was not understood by monkey.

«Mirror and the monkey" - a fable of Krylov, ridiculing mean people

comparing a man with a monkey given in this work is no accident.For example, such an animal shows behavior despicable people noticing the faults of others, but do not want to see their own flaws.The main moral of the fable "The Mirror and the monkey" is concentrated in the last lines of work, and that is where the monkey performed an exact analogy with the man.Krylov even have his name.This poem is sure to make people worried that like to collect gossip, because they literally compared with an ordinary monkey and not notice such an allegory may only child.

Heavy meaning of poems, students who have not studied

most interesting is that in the disclosure of the author have direct moral situation - bribery, which got its common name from the time of life Krylov.The fable "The Mirror and the monkey" was written by Ivan Andreyevich, that is, on issues of the day, so began to actively discuss the Russian citizens immediately after publication.

Today rhyming stories by this author studied students from 3-5 class, yet their hidden meaning is not available to every student.That is why teachers prefer to sharpen their attention to easier interpretation of meaning, and not to go.Ivan Krylov wonderfully combined in his fables instructive meaning for children and deep moral, most of which had a focus on the holders of power: the unclean officials and managers are illiterate, of which the author is constantly rotating.The fable "The Mirror and the monkey" has become a kind of slap in the face to some of them.