Rudeness on the Internet: Should I respond to insults?

How often each of us have to deal with the obvious rudeness in everyday life?I think that many will agree - this kind of negativity we have enough.And if on the street, in public transport, at work (sometimes, unfortunately, it happens) we see the person that makes the Internet more accessible rudeness.

How easily hidden behind some picture, under a false name such people showered interlocutors insults, taunts, and just a dirty word!Why such ease and permissiveness?

matter, especially in the imaginary of anonymity.Indeed, we do not see the interlocutor does not know how old he is, where he lives, where he works, and all that it represents.It unties his hands, or rather language, which sometimes can cut the ground from under the feet of even the most cautious person.Of course, we are trying to, you can calculate such a bully by IP number, but how many of us would do that?That is based on this and the permissiveness of this behavior.

Internet louts - akin to vampires

They deliberately wound the man himself, to cause a reaction, and then have plenty to show off on him.Not all of them are able to go out and provoke someone to open conflict, if only because it is not clear to whom you can run into and how this will end.

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So what are the Interactive louts?Who are they?Probably, it is, above all, the lack of people with elementary education, people with low self-esteem (seeking to raise it at every opportunity), and those for whom it becomes a kind of rudeness views unloading, relieve stress of everyday life.For them, truth is unimportant to the dispute, whether to hear the interlocutor, they are on the Internet on the hunt with only one purpose: to find the victim to start a conflict and mentally drawing as interlocutor loses control of himself, amuse the vanity.

Should I respond to rudeness?

For some easier to get out of the conversation and forget about it.Others may experience long and internally suffer from the fact that they could not answer boor, feeling his victory over himself.Others fiercely engage in polemics, and after a while, exhausted internally, leave the "battlefield" to not bring yourself to a heart attack.

psychologist Vladimir Romek writes on this subject: "It is not always hamyang people have the true intention of Naham.Often rudeness is a consequence of powerlessness, people just do not know how different.Rude taught him very well, but talk to a human and constructive ... In this case, your task is not to confront the rudeness, and to benefit from it.For rudeness is often hidden constructive criticism, which can be very useful. "

First, determine for themselves how important it is and, more importantly, it is necessary to engage in debate with such people as you are stable internally.And if these questions have the answer "Yes", remember the most important thing - not to lift themselves out of balance and start a confrontation with some jokes.Humor sometimes disarms, drives interlocutor numb, because he at first did not know how to react to what was said.Remember how one old joke?

the bus:

- I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm out at the next stop.Kindly let me go.
Bigman, looking him up and down:
- Well, you che, intellectual, weird, or what?
- Not at all.The same trash like you.

Without losing his presence of mind, try to be kind and gentle in the statements, and then after some time, the ham will soon start a new hunt.But it will not be your story.

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