And you know what epic?

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In the old days, people accumulated their wisdom for centuries, and passed it to the next generations.Fairy tales, epics, proverbs, fables - a storehouse of practical wisdom hard-working people.Through folklore handed people their hopes of a good future, talked about the past, warned error.Often fantastic stories helped to instill in children a love for the homeland, the right moral values.

What is epic?This is a special form of folklore in the epic genre.It is characteristic of the Russian tradition and tells about some of the remarkable episode of history.The name comes from the word "profit", that is what was actually in the old days.Russian epics its different techniques, poetics, melodic voice and manner of their execution.Scientists believe that the ancient storytellers accompany epic play on the harp, and later began to perform recitative.They used only a few tunes, but changed the tone of voice, intonation.It sets out to highlight its solemn epic style he is best suited for the story of the heroic events of the past, often tragic.

So, what is epic, it is already clear.Now let's talk about the techniques used in this genre.The first thing you notice when you read or listen to this work, it is a repetition.Ancient authors repeated the words (for example, a long time ago, far, far away), and is also widely used several aliases in one place (the tribute-duty, beat-ratitsya).Sometimes the end of a line is the beginning of another, entire episodes can be repeated three times.It is also widely used techniques such as alliteration and assonance.All this allows for a more emotional and accurately convey the details of the event, to enhance the effect of the words.

What is epic in the work of the population of Kievan Rus?It is an ode to the defenders, the glorification of good fellows, their heroism and selflessness.To describe the nature or appearance of the characters are often used hyperbole.The ratio of the narrator they can be understood by the epithets, which are often resistant: hot blood, raging head, tears flammable.Favorite character is often called diminutives and affectionate names (Alexis, Dobrynyushka).

What is epic?As a rule, this work, which consists of three parts: Solo (entry not associated with a further part of the contents), intonation (the main part where the action unfolds) and endings.The narrator does not refer to the past and looks to the future, his gaze completely chained to the hero and his exploits.It was like living the life of his character by following along with him, going from one event to another.

epic the story can be varied.Today, there are about hundreds of subjects, not counting different versions of the same product.The principal are: the struggle for a wife or a search, the struggle with fabulous monsters or foreign invaders.Special categories are epic parody or satirical epic (Match with Churilov, Duke Stepanovich).

Look into a storehouse of folk wisdom, age is a thousand, maybe even more years!