"Bolivar would not stand two" - a quote from the immortal short stories by O. Henry

O. Henry stories are known to everyone who loves to read.All the other familiar with them thanks to wonderful adaptations of the works of the great American writer.The phrases "sand - a poor substitute oats", "will have time to reach the Canadian border", "Bolivar would not stand two" began to cruise, and their relevance consumption shows a good sense of humor and erudition companion.

secret of the success of literary miniatures O. Henry in their truth of life without aging and eternal.In turn, such reliability can not be achieved if the author has no experience, and he was not able to experience difficulties.Carefree, well-fed and prosperous life does not enrich the human qualities needed a good writer.

real name O. Henry - William Sidney Porter, he was born in North Carolina, in the small town of Greensboro.Orphaned early, the young man began to work, first in the pharmacy, then a bank teller.There he suffered serious trouble, William was accused of embezzlement.Leaning on the run, a young man met different people and, apparently, heard a lot of adventure stories.Perhaps part of the story "The way we choose," tells about the robbery of the train, it was then conceived, and the phrase "Bolivar would not stand two" was in tune with the mood of a fugitive from the law clerk.However, the idea of ​​future work could be in prison in Columbus (OH), where the writer spent the next three years.

William Porter, thanks to his experience Apothecary, found a job in the prison infirmary.Prisoners rarely sick, and Aesculapius had plenty of time to try to write stories.Here was a nickname coined by O. Henry.Why is this, that history is silent.

America - a country of great opportunities.The story, written by the prison barman, was published in 1899, he enjoyed the editor "Mac Clure Magazine" and was named "Christmas Gift Dick-Whistler."

Total O. Henry wrote more than 270 novels.Among them are "The roads ..." with the famous phrase "Bolivar would not stand two", meaning that in the ruthlessness of the "world of profit."One man kills another, not because he feels hatred for him, just a business is too small for two.And it does not matter if he shoots from Colt, a competitor or sacrificed more civilized - the economic way.Nothing personal, just a horse Bolivar can not carry two riders, and all.

various characters of stories by O. Henry.Among them is the small clerks, and aces, sharks of Wall Street, and fellow writers, and street gangsters, and simple hard workers, and politicians, and actors, and cowboys and laundresses Yes ... who just are not in these novels.The writer himself sometimes lamented that well remembered as the author of small literary forms, and all promised that will create a great novel or even a novel.

In fact, in the aggregate, these stories create a small three-dimensional picture of American life at the beginning of the XX century, in all its minute detail and variety that could hardly be achieved even in the volume epic work.And it does not seem canvas with scenes from the old and someone else's life, much of which is very similar to the events of the day.Maybe because today you can often hear the phrase "Bolivar would not stand two" when it comes to the elimination of competitors cynical ...