"Bad advice" How to feed maloezhku?

«no hassle and no worries, dangling his legs with a spoon from the bowl into the mouth makaroshki go" - the familiar lines?If these verses begins each meal, continues dancing, singing ends, but the kid still pick - most likely, you're a mom maloezhki.

These children refuse to useful products, because they do not like the taste, color, odor or consistency of food.This style of food, which entered into a habit, it becomes a health hazard.And then there's good friend, grandmother and users of Internet forums stokes, giving the most real "bad advice."

Let's understand how to not only feed the "nehochuhu" but do it right.

word professional

Natalia Artёmenkova, pediatrician, homeopath, consultant physician of the medical center of "Holding" EDAS ", the author of the course" Emergency Care for Children "project DoctorMAMA:

- A common mistake parentsnutrition kids - to force the child to eat by force.Why is that?I have a counter-question to adults - and you will have if you do not want?The answer is obvious.When there is an established diet and healthy baby simply refuses to order a particular dish, so it is not currently needed.Once or twice a week, skip the meal only benefit - a rest the digestive tract.

If "maloezhki syndrome" manifests itself most often, it is a characteristic of basal metabolism, or a temporary physiological state.Refusal to eat can be a sign of disease in the acute stage of the disease anorexia is the normal state - the body does not want to expend energy on digestion when he needed to fight germs or viruses.

Breakfast: wake up the child and appetite

We all know that the day must begin with a healthy breakfast, but we forget that waking up and immediately run to the plate - not normal.Wait a hurried morning maloezhki, in any case, is not necessary.After waking up, pull in bed, drink a few sips of clean water to make the necessary hygiene and do exercises.Fully awake and included in the active baby body itself will signal hunger.Here it would be appropriate and laid the table for breakfast, and to persuade to eat "a spoonful of the grandfather" just do not have.

It is important that all the processes of the morning rush, and no fuss, not created a nervous atmosphere.The phrase "eat more and come out" go astray appetite even an adult, to say nothing of preschoolers who are sensitive to the situation and priorities of seniors.To take the time, the owner can prepare a "quick" breakfast - a sandwich, cereal and the like, or to delegate his powers kitchen gadgets.

«While mom wakes the child and his appetite multivarka prepare tasty and healthy porridge.Thanks to a clever device dish will not run away, do not prigorit not digest.It does not cool down, as in a conventional pan and be warm for a long time due to the mode "heating", - says Elena Krylova, an expert of the company POLARIS, one of Russia's largest providers of small kitchen appliances.Make traditional breakfast visually interesting and appealing to the child to help the spices that give color: turmeric or citrus peel, grind to a powder.The kid clearly appreciate these sweet additions to the rump, like raisins, dried apricots, prunes, grated fruit.

Semolina with fruit in multivarka

you need:

0,5 Art.semolina
250 ml of milk 1 tablespoon
sugar 100 g butter 400 g
cherry compote
400 g apricot compote

1. compote pour into pan Multivarki syrup, add the milk and bring to a boil in the "Multipovar" at 1400 ° C.

2. Pour a thin stream of semolina, mix well.Add to mush sugar, butter and fruit compote.Cooking in the "Multipovar" at a temperature of 100 degrees C in 7 minutes.

For multivarok POLARIS EVO EMPC 0125, PMC 0519D, PMC 0527D, PMC 0531AD.

Snacks: Before and after, but not instead of the basic food for children

normal - five meals.With three main meals everything is clear, and how to distribute the remaining two?Arrange lunch a couple of hours after the first, and afternoon tea after waking up from an afternoon nap.

If we talk about the pre-lunch time, then this harmless request as "Please give me a cookie", perceived mothers maloezhek like manna from heaven (wanted to eat anything!), Then it turns around singing and dancing in an attempt to draw attention to the soup.

at the same age (2-3 years) is to try to shift attention from the snack.For example, go for a walk, play a game of catch-up, or hide and seek.It is highly probable that the child will forget about his request, and "will make it" before lunch.With older babies (4-5 years) is already quite possible to agree that they will receive the coveted "snacks" after the main course.

However, do not overdo it with sweet and unhealthy snacks in the form of cakes, chocolates and chips.Of course, such "joy", as opposed to fruits and vegetables, will please any nehochuham.However, parents should show resilience and teach the child to useful products, because no one wants to treat stomach ulcers being at school.

If a child absolutely refuses to healthy snacks, you can try to cut apple slices, and toothpicks to attach each of the four sides of the grapes - get the machine that the child will eat with pleasure.Because pears and bunches of Kish Misha leaves cute hedgehog, and banana - a giraffe.

good recipe for a second breakfast or snack, guaranteed not contrary to the upcoming dinner, offers Elena Krylova (POLARIS): «To bring down appetite kiddies that they are not particularly distinguished, while snacks can offer them products that contribute to the development of gastricjuice: sour fruit, cucumbers, carrots.Of course, just because a child refuses to eat them, so perfect to prepare smoothies.It will blender, for example, PHB 1321L.Its sleek black casing with illuminated touch control panel is easy to become a mother at the hands of a rocket, take a trip across the expanses of the refrigerator in search of interplanetary drink.Joy young astronaut is not the limit!A hostess will prepare not only a delicious drink, but also any sauce, sauce and so on in a few minutes. "

Lunch: a few minutes and draw attention to the food

average woman is faced with the need to "cram" in the favorite child dinner twice a week, other days taking care of nutrition, balance and rate of absorption of the first, second and compoteIt falls on the shoulders of the preschool educational institutions.

The same food at home over the weekend unprofitable differ from kindergarten?Of course, parental weakness.Often a mother gives up - and feeds maloezhku those to which he agrees, as long as the child does not go hungry.

Pediatricians believe this position wrong.Of course, no one wants to sit for hours at the table in an attempt to force nehochuhu lunch.It is necessary to learn from kindergarten and limit the child in time when the whole family eats, the hostess should be calm, without reproaches and curses, assemble plates, including uneaten portion, and send them to the sink.Capricious child needs to understand that if he does not eat now, then simply left without dinner.

Deciding to limit the time, it is important to remember to create a pleasant atmosphere around the baby, which is located to the meal.You can choose unusual cutlery, serving lunch in bright plates with the image of the child's favorite characters: Winnie the Pooh, Masha and the Bear, Mickey Mouse.The picture at the bottom of the dishes on offer as baby eats a meal.Thus, it nehochuhi an incentive to eat up all the soup until the end.

Another option for mothers fussy - cast in a plate with something original.Asian Samantha Lee (Lee Samantha) even found in the course of his calling - the children delighted with clowns and vegetable rice "toon."

Supper: Preparing in advance

Speaking of home-cooked meal, do not forget one rule - abundant and high-calorie food right before going to bed is contraindicated not only wishing to maintain a slim figure moms and kids.

full evening meal should not be less than 2 hours before bedtime - that is, no later than six or seven in the evening.The weekday to eat on such a routine is very problematic - because few people want to work immediately after the run to the plate and stand there for half an hour or even an hour.

Mom maloezhki save multivarka with Wi-Fi-module POLARIS EVO EMPC 0125. In the morning, it is possible to lay the necessary products, and during the day send home network Wi-Fi, a recipe and run gadget remotely.No need to mess with delayed start, set the temperature to determine the degree and duration of cooking - all done automatically.Monitor the process of helping push-notifications received on a smartphone or tablet.

So mom can quietly go about their business, for example, to meet their child out of kindergarten or go for a walk with him.And upon returning home the whole family will wait for a delicious dinner.Baby After working up an appetite for a day, just do not resist the smells that greeted him at the door. gratin of vegetables in multivarka

you need:

6 large potatoes 1 zucchini 4 tomatoes

2 onions 4 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons
apple juice 1 cup bread crumbs
0,5 cup grated Swiss cheese
2 tbsp.l.
vegetable oil salt pepper


1. Potatoes, onions and zucchini peel and cut into thin circles.Wash tomatoes and cut into circles also.Garlic peel and chop.

2. Bread crumbs mixed with apple juice, oil, garlic and cheese.

3. In a bowl stacked layers of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, smearing each layer of the cheese mixture.The last layer should be laid with the potatoes.Each layer of pepper and prisolit.

4. have selected "Multipovar Plus», follow the steps below.

For Multivarki POLARIS EVO EMPC 0125.

maloezhku The day is brought to cooking dinner.For children cooking - learning process.Toddler help mom wash products, rub fruits or vegetables, mixed salad.The effect of co-creation will be visible immediately: it is proved that the child is much more likely to eat meals, in the preparation of which he took part.

During cooking Mom can "warm up" the interest of the baby even more, telling him that the food that now everything will be there, the rules of etiquette at the table.Acceptable and slightly intrigued child - it is enough to impose "Mm-m, a delicious dinner with us today!" Or "I prepared this dish - Yum."The child would be to wait, when will lay on the table.

tips from the experts

Natalia Artёmenkova, pediatrician:

- most importantly - to generate a correct diet and follow it as far as possible together.Adult family members are always an example to follow, the child copies them.That is why during the meal to behave the way you want to behaved kid.However, do not hide, eating something "adult".Explain that all the time, give a try.Most likely, your child does not like junk food.Although it happens that children love, such as cheese or olives - in that case I advise to address to the pediatrician.Such taste preferences may be a sign of enzyme deficiency.

In an effort to feed maloezhek should be guided by their own common sense.Knowing the reason why the child at that time or another refuses to eat, much easier to prevent a similar situation in the future.The most important thing that is required of parents of fussy - "Calm, just calm!".