How to remove a video from youtube to the new interface

should be noted that YouTube never been particularly friendly to the user, and often problems arise with the implementation of the seemingly most elementary things.For example, it is difficult to figure out how to remove the video from youtube, find your old comments, and so on. D.

For those who have previously mastered these moments and remember the algorithms of actions, the situation has changed significantly since the YouTube redesigned user interface.Understand the intricacies of its operation have to again.This is due to the fact that changes are quite crucial character.It should be noted that most of the innovations, which again have to figure out just aimed at simplifying the operation.In theory, it would have to please the user, but in practice takes time, forcing the re-pass the main stages of work with the service.

The reasons that sometimes have to be removed on YouTube videos, may be quite different, but basically it occurs in two cases.The first relates to the ongoing personality change.As a result, people sometimes do not want to be associated with certain subjects that he liked in the past, and currently do not meet its vital position or change the taste.

second point is quite common among training and other active channels.Here, the reason that the owner of the account will begin to look for, where and how to remove the video from youtube, it is a desire to replace outdated video to a new one.This may be due to the emergence of new information, changing course or complement new and exciting facts.

So, whatever the reason which pushed to the fact that it is necessary to remove the video from youtube, you should familiarize yourself with the new algorithm underlying this action and implemented within the framework of the introduction of the new user interface.

Before you remove the video from youtube, you should log into your account and click on located at the top right of your nickname.Then you need to find the section "Video Manager" and double click on it.Further still easier and certainly not cause any difficulties.

After the previous steps the user will be redirected to "My Videos."There must be a tick mark all the videos that wanted to remove.Then you need to click the "action", and the user will be available to the "Delete".

On the one hand, this procedure is much easier than it was earlier.But on the other, to understand how to remove the video from youtube on their own, quite easy.And this interface is certainly not called intuitive, oddly enough, given the incredible popularity of the service.

situation is aggravated by the regular disappearance of clips from the "Favorites" and "liked videos", that is the fault of the other users, delete their accounts, or "thanks" to the intervention of regulatory authorities copyrights.

It seems that the developers deliberately complicate the life of the user, turning a simple control processes in turn-based strategy.This, of course, a joke, but still, this approach to the implementation of the implementation of the most simple action makes you wonder.