Cover Day ceremonies at the marriage.

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can not now assert that every woman seeks to start a family.Many people, after listening to propaganda, believe that the career and personal satisfaction is much more important.Only the soul of the castle and Forbidden not ideological revolution can not be fooled.That's why sometimes even the most emancipated ladies worried vague dissatisfaction.Often exacerbation occur under the protection of the day at marriage ceremonies in which our ancestors did.Maybe it's genetic memory works or in the air something there?Let's deal.

What a holiday?

In mid-October, and the fourteenth of it, there is a big Orthodox holiday.Call it Intercession of the Theotokos.This day is considered feminine.Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ comes down to the laity, listening to their overt and covert aspirations, helping in times of trouble and suffering.The people call it simply - Intercession day.The rites at the marriage at the time considered to be traditional.They are even stricter priests not forbid.After all, the Mother of God in this day everyone is free to consult with their feelings.It is, according to the priests, to listen to everyone, Council, or whisper in the right direction of push.And that women may be more important than family?Keep in mind that this is a traditional celebration.Hence, the extension of the genus is the most important task of the women prescribed to her by the Lord.With these aspirations and dreams of running girl "marriageable" in the Temple in the morning of the fourteenth of October.They believed that the Holy Shroud groom each give, if properly pronounce the word conspiracy.They were passed from mouth to mouth, from grandmothers to granddaughters.Yes, a lot of that was important in the rituals.Something that has reached us.

ancient rite with nuances

Every girl, deprived of attention of boys, waiting for the day Cover.The rites at the marriage had to begin with the dawn.Stand up, clean up, yourself items, plait braid.This was done very carefully, with love and hope.Yet it was necessary to get to the Temple of the first.Grandma said that the Virgin tends privechali not lazy, agile and beautiful women, leaving most overlooked suitors for those who basked in the feather till midday.The Temple had to endure the entire service, from the first to the last minute.By listening carefully to the words of my friend, you need to be far away from the icon of the Virgin.She addressed her prayers, lit candles.Only then can the Holy Shroud, believed to bring good luck.The candles are lit and held hands.While it is burning, it was necessary to say three times a conspiracy.Here are his words: "Holy Mother of God, the Lord ugodnitsa!Cover the ground froze snow white and modest maiden - the groom is not poor!Amen! ยป

What to do after the Temple

church services and ceremonies on the plots cover does not end there.Almost all day was subordinated to a single goal: to secure aid of Heaven in the device personal life.Girls are instructed to cook all sorts of goodies.Usually baked cakes or cookies (later).With treats on a visit went.Every counter had to congratulate and empower the fruits of their labors.It was necessary to demonstrate the exceptional tenderness and friendliness in the Shroud day.Rites of marriage prescribed in the humility, the taming of their own pride.Otherwise they will not be seen in this year's bridegroom (and maybe even a lifetime alone have to suffer).By the way, do not skimp on the tradition treats for everyone whom you meet, is understandable.The people just walked around the villages.You could really find a suitable beau or members of his family.It is a kind of "advertising" potential bride.And now it is very important for those who do not normally seeks to expand the circle of communication.With this nuance is closely related to the need to work on your mood, on what you radiate into the world.

Peace and harmony in the soul

Charms and rituals on the Shroud assume special spirit of the one who practices them.Case and in the Festival, and to the energy sector, which it is desirable to get his allies.They are exceptionally good and harmonious.Therefore, to attract them to the person may be, being in a similar state.It contributes to the acquisition of its prayer on the Shroud of marriage.Do not consider this a private ritual.No, to pray on this day is necessary, without any specific plots.You can do this in the Church, if gathered to go there.No - so at home, the icon of the Virgin.Word is recommended to select from his soul.They should reflect your status, hopes and inner experiences.That's what she and prayer.On the Cover of marriage are asked not only to girls.Widows, divorced women, too, are under the protection of the Virgin.All the rituals are suitable for any lady.There is no need to hesitate, if there is a belief in the soul.Prayer Intercession of marriage must be passionate, sincere, humble and very good.That is, do not be like that girl that Jack Frost demanded her husband.Just talk to the Holy regarding the problems that troubled and disturbed.

Preparations for the ritual

know, when referred to the prayer of the Protection of the Mother of God of marriage, it is assumed that need some specific text.Most likely, it is not.Prayer - this is not quite the word.This is a special state of mind.Texts only help to create it.But now it can be done completely different methods.Science does not stand still.So why do modern maidens not to use it to achieve?Once on the Protection of the ceremonies involve a good mood, it is necessary to work on it.It is recommended to start in advance.Avoid heavy meals and alcohol before the holiday.On this day, there should be no interference.Prepare a new elegant outfit.It is recommended to give up trousers.Clothing should be very feminine, cute.It would be good to hold meditation.It is necessary to create a connection with higher powers, transferring them to their intentions.

Other rites to Cover

Not everyone in the Temple asking for help.Yes, and no one argues that the Mother of God will hear you just within the walls of the Saints.You can refer to it and to nature.Many such an option seems more attractive.Here's how to do it.In the morning write your secret wish on a piece (not thought to have jumped).Be sure to give the intent for all that to happen, it was for the common good (not just yours).Now go to the river.Collect fallen leaves or dry grass.Weave a wreath and throw it into the water.Says: "The forces of the rapid stream!By addressing you, you run away.My Bridegroom there get me to the threshold of his move.Let him come and lead me down the aisle.The Protection of the Virgin of my marriage come true!Amen! "And the desire to keep a piece of paper.Open it will be only a year.You will be surprised how much things have changed.

ritual with refreshments

The holiday light a candle at home.Say: "The Mother of God filled me with the fate of a happy, abundant blessing, born rich, noble suitor.Amen! "Starts cooking.It is recommended to bake any baking, what you get is good.Conspiracy utter every time the test will be "put into the oven."As a council, then summon the guests themselves or go to friends.Just be sure to Treat someone unfamiliar.Maybe the neighbors on the porch, people in the store, and so on, who have thought up.And for the kindness and generosity of the Virgin necessarily reward you.

ritual for widows

women wishing to re-enter into the marriage, will approach this ritual.It is not quite old, but effective.It is recommended to tune in to the wave of love.Let the soul trembles with anticipation.Memories of the past status should help.If he was not successful, then think "reverse."Go to the park with their pies.It treats the kids and adults, mentally saying: "On Two".More feed the birds.Generally well that day feeding trough for birds to organize and then do not leave this "charity".It is a useful exercise female essence.It reminds constantly calling about your mother.

Features of behavior in holiday

There are some rules that are "strict old lady" is considered mandatory.Maid instructed to braid her hair, and not to dismiss it until the next morning.To all men should be treated with special reverence and respect.Let it ever be poor, privette him smile even to start.Cover the head with a scarf (not a cap or hood).It is a symbol of marriage.But the main thing - the soul of his love for all things fill.Maybe the special rites and do not need.They say that a potential suitor fly to radiated kindness and femininity that those motelki born.Try it!All out!