How to bless a daughter before the wedding - let go for a long and happy married life

Blessing daughter before the wedding - this is one of the most exciting events for mom and dad.Each ethnic traditions to conduct this ritual, but all should be pronounced good parting words to a long married life.Any mom asks himself the question about how to bless a daughter before the wedding.In Christianity, there are special customs and rules of pronunciation of important words for the bride and groom.You must pre-purchase in the church an icon, but will approach and a family heirloom, which is available in the house.After the triumph in this holy house of the newlyweds will face some sort of talisman for them for a lifetime.

There are cases when the parents of bride and groom together take on an icon and give it to the young triumph.It is important to know how to bless a daughter before the wedding, asit is considered that the words uttered by independent future life of a young family.Escort girl saying farewell only after her future husband to pay the ransom and withstand all the trials.When t

he groom went all intended for him the difficulties on the way to his beloved bride and showed the guests, parents can tell their touching and important words for children.

Many parents prefer not to talk at all requests.How to be then how to bless a daughter before the wedding in this case?The bride and groom is withdrawn into a room and say the word only in the presence of the closest people.Very well, if in this room will be godparents father and mother of the bride.It must be remembered that the requests should be pronounced not only her daughter, but also her future husband, because they will soon become one.

When all the people are gathered, you can start.Newlyweds stand in front of parents, the icon turns to face the young, and that at this moment the most important words are spoken.Of course, you need to think carefully in advance what to say at this exciting time, as bless a daughter before the wedding must be the most memorable wishes of happiness and love.

After uttered speech should be three times the cross icon turns the bride and groom.Every mother should know how to bless the marriage of his son, or his daughter's wish, because these words are remembered by the young for life, and, probably, the same speeches, the same icon they will accompany the family in the lives of their children.Once uttered the words man and woman kissing icons and crosses.

worth noting that parents can speak the words of farewell to the young faces, which remained from his wedding.In this case, the icon for the blessing of the youth will have their lives special meaning, becauseParents always play an important role in the education of children, and after the wedding, also continue to help them in difficult moments.Mother of the bride should take the face of the Mother of God of Kazan, and mother of the groom - the face of Christ the Savior.It is believed that marriages prisoners a day Blessed Virgin Mary, the most robust and long-lasting.Happiness young!