Check the date of death date of birth - reality or fiction?

Many people admit that they would like to know the date of death, date of birth.And some of them say that they are afraid to hear this information, but they want to be informed.Well, on this occasion the majority of scientists and experts say one thing: this is not possible.And the fact that to know the date of death date of birth is actually really possible - just prejudice.

Calculation date

For those people who really want to know your future (or rather, when will stop their lives), even established a certain way by which you can perform the payment date yourself.So if you really want to know this information, you can use it.

You take a piece of paper and assign it the date of his birth.After all the numbers have to add up.The resulting number will know the date of death, date of birth.The result, by the way, must necessarily be unique.What is meant?For example, a person born in 1992, January 5th.The calculation is as follows: 05.01.1992 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9. The resulting number - a clue.

After the figure will be calculated, it will be necessary to deduct only its value, which is written a science as numerology.Calculate the date of death, thus very simple.

numerical values ​​

Thus, the unit means that a person will go from life to a ripe old age - after 80 years.Death will be quick and easy, and life - rich and colorful.

Deuce - the forerunner of disaster: perhaps people will die from an accident.Very dangerous in life such as 67, 45, 29, 19 and 7. Often, "two" went out of life is one of those years.

Three means that the person will live a long time, but in his old age overtake disease.Dangerous years of life are 73 and 44.

"Four" - a long-lived.They often live to be a hundred years old, and "senile" life - it's not about them.They feel great until his death.

What "five"?On them you can say one thing: they are people who were born under a lucky star!Accidents, hazards, accidents - all this is close to them, but passes them by.Death haunts them, but to no avail.

But "six" with karma is not so lucky.This is the hardest number.And to know the date of death, date of birth, "six", it is necessary to initially learn about their karmic debt.But dangerous years are 68, 47, 22 and 13.

"Seven" were also born under a lucky star.They have a wonderful guardian angels.But still advised to be careful with the elements.Fires, floods, tsunamis, storm - the people of this number may withdraw from life spontaneously due to natural disaster.

"Eight" - the tireless players with death.They like to take risks, but not worth the hassle.It can end in tears.

And finally, the "nine."Unfortunately, these people's lives are cut off often in a very young age.Numerology says that they rarely live up to 50 years.So for this reason, they are advised to avoid tobacco, alcohol and risk.


Many people are passionate about the issue of how to calculate the date of death, and then got the answer, I start to regret that they had learned this information.Of course, it was not necessary to do so.After all, as the old wisdom, the less you know - sleep tight.However, if this data is already completely etched in my memory, it is not necessary to attach great importance to this.We must remember that every human life is only in his arms.And if you received a very good prediction, you will not need this puzzling.Although perhaps this information will be useful: sometimes people are reconsidering their attitude to life and begin to change it for the better.In any case, we must remember that everything depends on us.

Astrology and horoscopes

There are several ways that can help to answer the question of how to know the date of death.All people have their own sign of the zodiac.They also refer to the Chinese horoscope.In addition, each of them was born during certain hours.First name, last name, first name, date of birth - it's all there for each of us.Of course, it is much more difficult way to learn the date of death, date of birth, and are engaged psychics and fortune tellers, because too many things need to be considered: the phase of the moon, and the specifics of numerology, and karma.Although the data obtained are much more reliable.Skeptics and scientists shrug their shoulders when the cases with the predictions come true: they are often blamed it all on just coincidence.What psychics in response to a grin, because so many are no coincidences.But here everyone has an opinion on this subject: some believe in it, others - on the contrary.

questionable results

Well, how to calculate the date of death, much has been said.Finally I would like to say a few words on the Internet how to obtain this information.Now it should be noted that how to calculate the date of death, and write a lot of network even offer calculators with which allegedly can all be determined.But it is - a random number generator, which is on nothing founded.You can check this easily: enter the same data (usually sex, date of birth and name) a few times and get different results.So if you really want to, and become the owner of such specific information, it is not necessary to resort to online methods: they have very little truth.