"Varfeys": how to knock AVM

Today we will talk about how to clear the AVM.This is an excellent rifle out of the game "Varfeys."If desired, it can be purchased, but much more interesting to try to get the weapon through the ejection Boxes fun.Let's discuss what are the methods to achieve success.

going in circles

first way to address the issue of how to clear the AVM is called cyclic.It involves the acquisition of the boxes according to the sequence.If necessary, repeat the procedure specified.If we talk about a specific weapon, for it is considered to be the most efficient cycle 5-4-4-3-2.Let us consider it in more detail.First, acquire and discover exactly 5 frames.If you do not have to buy more weapons sought 4. If again a failure, another 4. Further, in the same position - 3 and finally 2. If the sequence has not brought good luck, it should be repeated again.At some point, she will work.


next version of the solution of the question of how to clear the AVM, invites us to evoke pity from the system.There is a legend that if a budget player will miss exactly five boxes, the system will show compassion and give this particular rifle.There is another version of the same method.It suggests that the probability of success will increase substantially if money is enough for exactly one box.

Other options

Since given a decision on how to clear the AVM, a 100-percent guarantee is not given, consider a few more methods.To start the way a lark.Part of the project participants said that if to wake up early in the morning and start the game by 4 to four-thirty, and then buy the box at six o'clock, the chances of success increase by several times.They explain this by saying that at this time a large number of people sleeping, and so long as the servers are not suffering from congestion and competition.So we wake up, run the game, knock AVM.

Next, consider a method that will suit anyone who feels particularly stubborn.So buy one box, we reveal it if you need a weapon there, take the following, and so on until the luck we did not smile.The basic idea - the relentless pursuit of the goal.Economical players often feel that way, you can spend much less finance than in the case of certain combinations.Sooner or later, the weapon still will fall.Some players even hold the view that if the first action after the computer will run "Varfeys" they get a desired prize.So we figured out how to knock AVM.