Production of notebooks

Notebook is one of the most popular types of printing products.Notepads are very convenient for the conduct of any records, they are indispensable helpers in their work.Notepads are very popular in different areas of modern life.In the business field notebook is a great way to advertise the company, as well as a tool for the daily work of employees who need to work to make the recording.In everyday life and can not do without a notebook - it can burn a variety of recipes, the desired phone number, any plans and so on.

It is difficult to imagine a serious organization without a corporate identity.Notebooks with the company logo are available at any major self-respecting company.They serve as handouts for presentations, exhibitions, talks, and are also used by employees and management in the office.Many leaders of organizations bought the production of branded notebooks in printing, but to find a good printing press, which will produce high quality products, it is not so simple.One of these printers is the printing house "new bar".You can make an order for the production of notebooks based on the customer's preferences.In addition, the printing house provides various discounts and favorable conditions.Prices of the services will be pleasantly surprised customers with its democratic character.The site printing the customer can choose the format of the future notebooks, bond type, number of pages, type of cover cover, circulation, and other parameters.Checkout can be printing directly on the site by clicking on the link.

The main parameters that should be considered when ordering notebooks.

1. The size of the notebook.The most popular notebooks A4, A5, A6.In addition to these formats are often bought notebooks A3, A7 and kubariki (blocks of small sheets of paper, which on the one hand applied adhesive layer).In addition, the customer can choose the size of the pads as desired.

2. Method panel.The method is dependent upon the number of sheets in the pad.Most often employs a compound with a spring, at least - an adhesive compound.Tension compound can be both low side and high on.

3. Selection of the cover.Cover often printed on thick paper, its surface may be either smooth or textured, matte or glossy.

4. Paper Type.Depending on customer preference type of paper can be coated or offset.