Cleaning car interior with their own hands: tips

Private transport has long ceased to be a mere means of transportation.It is an indication of status.For this reason, any automobile owner seeks contain "iron horse" in perfect condition.Sure, the body wash is carried out on a regular basis, but the interior cleaning is often neglected.And in vain.Restore order inside the car is necessary not only for reasons of hygiene.Accumulated dirt can adversely affect the performance of mechanisms, electrical and other systems.In addition, dust particles, which are spread through the cabin, can cause allergic reactions.In addition, much more pleasant to sit in the clean car, feeling the aroma inside the cabin.This results in a feeling of comfort, unsurpassed comfort and even peace.On the basis of what is said above, the dry cleaning or washing the car interior is required.It will discuss this further.

Dry Cleaning car interior

own hands every vehicle owner can vacuum the mats and seats, remove dust from the panel, but that's not all.For thorough cleaning, it is important to use special tools.Dry salon car with his hands takes a long time, so people often use the services that are offered on car washes.However, fair to say that a high quality can not be counted.Professional dry cleaning of car interior includes a large litter, wet dust removal and cleaning chairs, rugs and other items using various reagents.In any case, it is important to take into account the rules of operation of the machine.The safest is considered to be a tool that forms the foam.

necessary equipment

dry cleaning car with his hands or professionals requires the following tools: a trigger vodopylesosa, brush, paint brush and rags.As regards the latter element, it should choose the napkins made of microfiber.Not only are they perfectly absorb moisture, but also well remove dust and dirt.In addition, the interior of the car wash is not possible without a universal means for cleaning, protective agent for plastics, as well as the wiper.Fortunately, the store offers a wide range of things like that are not only qualitative characteristics, and price range.It is important to try to use the tool on a small inconspicuous area.

Dry Cleaning car interior with their own hands.Procedure

Please do ceiling and door panels.Then turn on the dashboard, seats, floor.The last step is cleaning the trunk.So, sprinkles detergent on contaminated sites, then using the brush removes dirt and damp cloth complete the procedure.That is carried out cleaning of the coating.Ceiling clean from front to back.The procedure is similar, only in the beginning to drop the rag cleaner, applied to the surface, and after 10 minutes wash off the chemical solution wipe.Once the ceiling is completely processed, wipe it with a dry cloth.The instrument panel is best cleaned with special means.After that she will shine.To remove dirt from the buttons are suitable paint brush and cotton swabs.Armchairs and cleaned by specialized detergents.Instead they can use ordinary soapy water.As can be seen, dry interior of the car with their hands - a time-consuming and painstaking process.Therefore, this procedure is best left to professionals.

Now a few words about how to properly wash the windows.Here you should use a specialized tool.However, there is a small trick.If you apply directly onto the surface of the glass, it will certainly remain divorces.It is best to sprinkle it on the cloth.Remember that tinted windows can lose its appearance under the influence of ammonia, which is part of the majority of funds for washing.