How to be happy - Mysteries of the Inner Peace through the prism of Modern Science

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why "the rich cry", and someone can be happy "in a tent?"What is more important: the bank account or harmony with the environment?Perhaps the single answer to these questions is not found.However, to try to understand what makes people happy and how to be happy in this life, perhaps, is.Especially because on this issue I thought the great minds of all ages, including modern psychologists and scientists, and something in this matter cleared up thanks to them.Thinkers have developed theories and recommendations on how to become a happy man.Let's try to identify the most significant moments

Happiness - the notion of individual and subjective.And then his fuzzy description lies the main mystery and a great mystery to solve that by virtue of each.Adjusted for own circumstances of life, the nature and relationship to reality.

no recipe for happiness.It is, alas, true.However, there are thousands of recipes on how to be happier.To some, these recipes will help to make easy adjustments in relations with the outside world, someone can completely change your life in a radical way.Absolutely, positively.

As a rule, men are less prone to "soul-searching" and often feel happy.Therefore, the following information is necessary to pay special attention to women precisely.So ...

How to be happy?

help others

Each of us is altruistic in our inherent desire to help someone.Unfortunately, we do not always have the opportunity for financial instability or elementary lack of time.However, you can help others, just paying attention to him, supporting words.Psychologists have proved that helping others reduces stress and increases self-esteem.This is one step towards the attainment of self-confidence - the first step to happiness.

Try to be nice to people

can not try to love all the people around you, but at least try to see the good in them.Get rid of the destructive habit of criticizing others - it brings imbalance in our internal state.We do not like the feel, but a definite negative is deposited on a subconscious level and later may be very harmful.Enjoy the

what you do

Any work should bring joy.It is impossible to approach the implementation of any problems with a negative attitude.This makes the job several times harder than it is in reality.Thoughts material.If you tune in to the fact that it's hard and frustrating, so be it.You get tired both physically and mentally, leading to a feeling of fatigue and discontent not only performs an action, but the whole surroundings.

Tune psychologically to the fact that you are all well

need to understand how to be happy - it's in your hands.This is the most basic level of self-hypnosis.We can chase away negative thoughts on my own.You can not "cycle" in the unpleasant moments and think constantly about the complexities of life.It is not possible to feel the joy of what we are and what surrounds us.Diving into their own experiences, we begin to forget how valuable that our parents are healthy, that next to a loved one, or that spring begin to blossom buds.It is a miracle, and this is happiness itself.Believe me.It is necessary to be able to appreciate until we have it all.

find time for sports, physical education, or even a small exercise

movement - life.Any physical activity is accompanied by a sense of so-called "muscle joy."Physical fatigue is the brain runningaway natural drugs.The next step of happiness is happiness mental muscle.It helps in solving the problem of how to be happy.

Do not be afraid of novelty

measured and stable life - that's fine.But stagnation - it is negative.We can not allow such a stagnation in relationships, work, life.Need to do "thrashing" - sometimes refuse from the traditional to the new.Suppose that for a short time and returning to the old, but it is really necessary.Psychologists generally advise every seven years to change the type of activity and location.

In difficult moments of life do not allow despair

this face difficult to see and often we rolled over her because of serious problems, but sometimes creates problems themselves, so to speak, "in the head."It's not as bad as it seems.But it seems to us that all terrible.This is the game of our psyche that needs to be controlled so as not to allow it to play a cruel joke on us.There is no life without the trouble, but they are.And we must try to perceive them as an objective, capable of pushing to find a solution and further development, not as a dead end.

Allow yourself to rest - "perpetual motion" is not

Do not try to be perfect, do not try to catch everything - it's impossible.Of course, this does not mean you have to throw the case and lie down on the couch for a week.But if every day telling yourself "I have to" and try to do more than you under force, it will lead to nervous exhaustion.It will not make a happy your surroundings.Close rejoice over your good mood, what with all the stress of altered you useful and necessary work.Protect and respect yourself.

Try less communicate with those who complain all the time.They simply attract negative and set to a pessimistic thoughts.And think positively - this is the secret of happiness.This will help to quickly understand how to be happy.After all, happiness - this is not the reality, and our attitude towards it.