Indian women.

India - a country with an incredible history and unique original culture.The special flavor of this nation has long fascinated and captivated the minds of Europeans.A special place in the list of India's riches occupy the fair sex, born in this country.Indian women look mysterious and mystical.From residents of any other countries, they are distinguished by special items, some inner strength and certainly bright and rich costumes.Try to figure out what we all need to learn from them and from what secrets is "Beauty in the Indian."

Traditions clothing

His outward appearance Indian women are paying attention.Knowing a person can determine the status, social status and religious affiliation of the fair sex in the national dress standing in front of him only in her mind.The basis of any woman's wardrobe, respecting the tradition, is a sari - a unique clothing made from a large canvas cloth, which is fixed on the figure.For Indian women this outfit has a deeper meaning.Sari is usually made for a particular lady, patterns on it talk about her life and worldview.Such clothing itself is quite practical - for it is not difficult to look after, it simply store.Usually skill and winding wearing a sari girls are taught since 12 years.

bright parts of the image

Women in India are a large amount of jewelry.In special honor gold and precious stones.Bracelets worn on both hands, there should be a lot, but when driving, they should ring and sparkle in the sun.Popular Decoration - nose piercing.The puncture wear the ring, while he can understand the location from which the region's woman.If the piercing in the left nostril, a native of the north in front of us, and if the right - yuzhanka.Another national decoration, considered a talisman rings for toes.However, today they are mostly in the villages.But ankle bracelets and necklaces on the neck of many women choose.

Ethnicity Indian women and marriage

Just one glance at the woman from India in order to understand whether it is single or married.Traditional noseRings doing and proudly wear usually after the wedding.We all know that the point of Indian women on the forehead should be.But the young girls it is located between the eyebrows, while married women - above.Another important feature of the marriage - ring on the middle finger of his feet.However, this tradition is gradually disappearing.

addition, married women paint parting on his head.There is another interesting tradition: during the wedding, the groom ties around the neck of his chosen special necklace - hoists.It symbolizes the unity of the spouses and magic defense, which a woman gives a man.However, the hoist is not accepted to wear show, on the contrary, for the welfare of her husband lady should hide it from prying eyes.

ideals of beauty for Indian women

It sounds paradoxical, but not all residents of India are satisfied with their appearance.At that time, while we believe that beauty in a sari - the most beautiful women of the world, Indian have their own ideals and strive in every way to meet them.So, in the first place in the list of signs of "real" beauty for the ladies is a white skin.Indeed, not all the swarthy Indians, inhabitants of the northern regions boast a fully "Slavic" appearance.They have bright eyes, white skin, brown hair.

And that such external data are considered to be signs of the higher castes.And so many natives of the southern provinces, with dark skin, in every way it vybelivayut using modern cosmetics.Modern India remains largely faithful to its traditions.For example, despite the fashion trends from European countries, are held in high esteem feminine figure with rounded shapes.Several folds at the waist for an Indian - a source of pride, not a superfluous centimeters.Provided that they do not interfere with graceful move and walk with your back perfectly straight.

How are Indian women?

In India, there is still a rigid social stratification, backed difference observe traditions in different families and a variety of religious beliefs in society.Yet increasingly thriving here patriarchy.Marriages are still enclosed by agreement of relatives of the newlyweds.Often the bride and groom hardly know before the wedding.For women the same attitude ambivalence on the one hand, their honor, and is surrounded by a child care, on the other hand, it is believed that the main objective of the fair sex - to become a good wife and mother.In wealthy families, women are not supposed to work, and all their passions boil down to education of children and to communicate with relatives.But while doing housework and helping her husband in his professional activity is not considered a serious difficulty.

India today

Beautiful Indian women for a long time have declared themselves to the world.Residents of the country are gaining high-profile titles in world beauty contests, in films and on stage.Before European feminists it is still far, but today there are many Indian women seeking to build a career or to create.Modern India provides ample opportunity for women to self-realization.Often, the fair sex even have the approval and support of your family if you wish to go into business or politics.As for the exterior - in the big cities are increasingly seen girls in jeans and T-shirts and ladies in their prime in business clothes.However, the traditional sari and jewelery necessarily found in the wardrobe of these "new" Indian women and gets out of the closet for special occasions.

most beautiful women in the world reveals its secrets

Each country has its own traditional recipes for health and beauty, and they have in India.And thanks to the belated development of the local cosmetic industry, many of them are checked for generations and are actively used today.Let's start with food.The peculiarity of Indian cuisine - the abundance of spices and spicy food.According to many local actresses and dancers, it is pepper lets you save them to the harmony and beauty.And the interesting fact confirmed by scientists.Indeed, this spice stimulates metabolism and prevents the accumulation of excess body fat.But beware - the abuse of spicy dishes can lead to serious problems with the digestive system.

easy and cheap for facial beauty secret: Get used to the cold water washing.This is a great charger for vessels, and natural way to narrow the enlarged pores.The care of a lot of Indian women use food.Fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs and natural oils - these are the components of masks, creams and scrubs home for the skin that are popular in the country.It's one of the rules of Ayurveda - effective cosmetics is obtained only from the fact that you can consume in food.

cause envy of many gorgeous tresses Indian beauties.The secret - a daily scalp massage and avoiding the use of chemical coloring agents.Indeed, even many Indian cosmetics still prefer to prepare their own natural products.If we do not grow hair, and skin began to peel off, use coconut oil.It's just a massage movements applied to areas of the body in need of supplementary feeding, or full-length curls.

Folk beauty recipes from India

Not only Indian clothes makes it so beautiful and charming.All of the fair sex take care of themselves as well as their peers around the world.Prepare a facial scrub and body can of dried green peas.Grains should be milled using a grinder, and then diluted with water to a creamy consistency.Massage movements, this composition is applied to the skin, then rinse with water.

Many cosmetic recipes found the spice turmeric.However, it should be used with caution.The fact is that turmeric is a natural dye-resistant and therefore only suitable for dark skin.Consider one emollient for the skin: in a glass of milk is taken tablespoon of bran.The mixture is added a pinch of turmeric.Ready product is applied to the whole body before bath.

What we should learn from the Indian women?

Indian culture today is incredibly popular.Often in the world of fashion catwalks appear outfits resembling a sari and national motives of the country, who guessed in jewelry and makeup models.Indian married woman has the right to draw or paste on the forehead singularity - bindi.Today a decoration and many Russians are on the theme parties or just for the sake of creating an interesting way.

especially popular in our country not so long ago acquired and mehndi - henna patterns on the body that held a few days to 2 weeks.Jewelry and jewelry created in India, also like the ladies all over the world, and often they are worn with the normal clothes.Women of India for the whole period of civilization have come up with many interesting and beautiful pieces of clothing and accessories.So let's say to them for that, "Thank you!" And we hope that the impact of European culture will not kill the national character and traditions of India, and only improves and complement them.