7 tips on how not to kill the child in their own talent

Our children - our pride.And personally, we adults, they are the most vivid example to follow.They love to soak up all our actions, decisions, words, manners and emotions.But we adults always have something to learn from them.Children - a real treasure, untouched by time or envy or resentment.

Every child is unique.You just have to let him do.Yes, perhaps, figures on the wallpaper does not please us, adults and practical.But our children are so decorate your area, your own little world.They see it in these colors, among imaginary animals or even fatty circles drawn in a chaotic manner.Children are not afraid to give a uniqueness all that is in the world.They smile sunbeam or a drop of rain on her face.They see it as a miracle, magic, creativity and happiness.We can try to look at the daily trivia open heart.We can, but the main condition is our sincere desire.

all children in school and in kindergarten told what to do and what to do, you should not.We were put into the framework of public opinion.Self-expression - a sign that you can not be understood and get the list of society's outcasts.The Soviet childhood we do not wish to be inoculated unique.We are taught to be "in the ranks."Currently creativity - your ticket to a happy future.At work - a crazy competition in love, too, want to be in the top ten "most popular".Without creativity perish ...

Here are some tips on how not to kill talented individuals in their own child:

1. The child must be freedom of choice

Do not force your child sports clubs, music school, or acting classes.He does not like you.He has a different temperament, the other wants and needs.Have you forgotten how to get up early every morning to go to school and hated every day to do homework.The child needs an outlet in the form of free time and pleasant experience.Happy for him, not for you.Let him choose where he is interested in spending their free time.Let's wrong, change circles and sections.After all, you are not the first attempt to build their lives.Your success - is a series of personal mistakes and victories.

2. Creativity - the process is not always a solitary pastime.Often it is a collective process

children do not bother with.Let it be a game or a common school project.Creativity - is a process of thought or creation alone.Creativity can be creative.In the dialogue the truth is born.Teamwork makes it possible to look at a problem from different angles.More ideas - more options for the happy end of the project.

3. Maintain all his undertakings

There is nothing nicer and better than support and support in the face of the parents.How nice when your are proud of the achievements, let small, but such heroic on the part of the child.Come up with a system of incentives: Medal of family type, family weekend in the child's favorite places.A child should not be afraid to make mistakes, because then he'd never even try what it's really interesting.The child must be confident that if he has something does not work, then the parents will continue to love him and support.If you have not noticed yesterday new hobbies your child, do it today.Today it was time to take the first step to the development of your baby.

4. Study the story with your child, and the variety of art

least start doing it.The child himself must realize what he likes and what he does not quite fit.Your child has their own personal views and opinions.He may like the embroidery, but personally you a lifetime engaged in dancing or love to drive a motorcycle.Creativity - a measure of progress.It is all over, in all, everywhere.The main thing to give a child to feel everything that can develop his desire for spiritual enrichment and development.Remember, creativity - the success of your child's personal and professional.

5. Do not make a choice between science and art.Combine them

Your child should learn to take all the information in school, go to the tutors, but you can not deny it, and spiritual development.It is impossible because of the tutor to cancel classes in the sports section, or for the control of mathematics does not lead to the child acting classes.Art can help your child feel comfortable in society, confidently make decisions and are not afraid to express their views.Help your child make his life brighter and easier at the same time.

6. Sometimes you need to give your child bored

During boredom child looking for something that can entertain him, to cheer and inspire.This is a great time for new starts.He is in daily driving with a busy schedule, but the moments of detente in the form of breaks will inspire him and give reason to think about what it lacks.

7. Do not forbid him to do in his own creative chaos

Some children simply do not need the procedure, it distracts them and "zamylevaet 'eyes.They want to see solutions to problems in a chaotic arrangement of things.For them, a mess - a challenge to society.Of course, order and discipline are important for a child, but the discharge and time for personal creativity are essential.Do not cover your baby in a cage.Let it fly, but I remember that his house will be always welcome.

Curiosity - a powerful reason for creating something new.For kids the world is new.Showing curiosity, little hero learns.And the world eventually will allow him to live as he wants.Our task - to do everything to have a baby right goals, principles and beliefs.

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