Vadim Lake: divorce or not?

Trying to understand the issue: "The system, which offers Vadim Lake - the divorce or not?", Consider the proposal itself.According to the author of the system, it can help to quickly and legally earn quite a lot of money.Market - this is the place, where there are concentrated large amounts of capital.Possessing information about the upcoming event, we can safely claim to profits.Ozerov focuses on the fact that the $ 1,000 can be easily converted to 2000 for 20 minutes.In order to convince people in the example, the author says a new alarm about the deal for the purchase of currency quotes flow information which is known in advance.When you move the numbers in the theory of the transaction to $ 1,000, bringing at least $ 750 profit.But is the reality and what people say who had to deal with the signals of the author in reality.

What is the basis of signals?

«The long road had to go for a universal system for profit" - a word that constantly repeats Vadim lake.Reviews of signals under his authorship of the Internet is far from perfect, but there are quite satisfied people.Try to understand what lies at the heart of strategy.The author is guided by the fact that the story is constantly repeated.In certain situations, it triggered the same price pattern.The program itself is based on an analysis of price charts using neural network computing cluster center.The computer converts your own story in a descriptive metaformat, which is superimposed on the current price charts.When the program detects a situation already repeatedly in the market, it gives a signal.This ensures that at least 91% accuracy in opening trades intraday.Vadim says openly that its signals are able to give 560% to the primary investment amount.Thus, each get $ 1,000 can be at least 5,600 dollars.

The author is guided by the system?

system that offers Vadim Ozerov, divorce or not, to identify problematic.Polish-author of his desire to help the working people sound very sincere.According to him, in his work he is guided by moral principles and simple enrichment of little interest to him.Protesting against the concentration of money in the hands of a small group of people in the world, he intends to give everyone the opportunity to earn money.According to the author, if spread evenly all the world's money, one person had to be at least 30 million dollars.

What is alarming when we first met with the site Ozerov?

Many users are only familiar with the offer on the website Vadim-Ozerov.kom, reviews left guard.Potential users of the system emphasize that Vadim urges and sometimes even insist on cooperation with one particular broker.Despite the fact that the recommended company has a good reputation, strong recommendations are pushing the idea of ​​dirty trick and show personal interest of the author.Also, Ozerov said that to start working with the system is possible only after the registration of the company and then replenish the deposit there.Some users who responded to the proposal of the author, opened accounts in the company, but what was the surprise when after a set minimum amount for a withdrawal of its cash and failed!Perhaps this is slander, and possibly true, valid is only the fact of this information.

Preliminary check statistics on transactions

Experienced participants of the stock exchange did not sit back and decided to test in practice the job signal.They note that after a full connection to the signal "machine" users have access to two completely different signals based on different strategies.According to one of them failed to see a very interesting statistic.With the option, which allows viewing history, assess the quality of the signal without making commercial transactions, it was unable to Study showgirl makes it clear that the site-Ozerov.kom Vadim - it is no more than a way to earn money for the author's own system.

What does the testing?

The results of the statistical analysis are not as good as it is written on the main page of the project.Market participants have concluded that the methodology Ozerov not simply does not allow to make, but also greatly accelerates the process of descent from the account.It's not just words, but the numerical calculations, giving to understand that the offers Vadim lake.Divorce or not the strategy - each judge independently.If a trade volume of $ 25 in accordance with the strategy of «Mainline», then the loss will be 312 dollars 50 cents.Strategy «Uberprofit» would bring profit in the amount of $ 152 minus 50 cents.Thus, if the trade system in accordance with the signals for a week, it is possible to lose 465 dollars.

Conclusions skilled traders

Skilled traders independently verified, and appreciated that a proposal that makes Vadim lake.Divorce or not it represents, everyone will appreciate it myself, but that's where the author of the strategy takes a percentage of the profits, to understand the problematic.Instead of the promised hundreds of percent in a terminal able to see only the negative trading results.According to traders, who decided to make a test proposal, a strategy designed to attract newcomers who are just looking for your way and believe in all the proposals.That naivety of many people, the belief in easy money helps enrich "psevdoavtoram" profitable strategies.On the other hand, such detailed calculations may be just black PR and anti-advertising.Talking about the veracity of the information very difficult.

What people write?

That Vadim Ozerov signals provides for high yield in trading on the stock exchange, it is known in all corners of the Internet.Project PR professional enough that attracts many participants in the foreign exchange market.In parallel, the popularization of the trading system on the Internet began to appear numerous reviews.In particular, the following points: "The system, which is offered on a project-Vadim Ozerov.kom divorce or not?"The overwhelming majority of the comments suggests that the proposal at 100% is a fraud.Other people call attention to the fact that none of the successful trader will never sell his strategy, which really makes a profit.There is a category of users who write that the advertising project in itself testifies to the pathos of the project and its bombast.There are people who write about his unsuccessful cooperation with a number of other projects, so have concerns in this regard.

site itself already causes suspicion

questions persist as to whether you can be considered an effective proposal that makes Vadim lake.Divorce or not, makes only have to think of the design of the site.According to experienced users, it is very shoddy.If we compare with the resources of an experienced and proven brokers, the difference is quite noticeable.The suspicion is the fact that the author of the strategy, which earns millions, was unable to allocate a few hundred dollars to create a good online resource.The first page is filled with very poorly, but "water" on it without providing any specific information.The only thing that the emphasis - it's possible to make good money with the system, even without trading experience and paying no more than 3-4 hours a day.Experienced traders to cooperate pushes the relative youth of the project.As shown, the only really profitable projects can run for a long time.So what about the effectiveness of the strategy will be to speak as "maturing" of the site.If Vadim Ozerov signal does offer a highly effective, it will soon be a lot of positive feedback.After all, as you know, negative feedback can be ordered quite competitive strategy.

The strategy: a minimum of effort - maximum earnings

Author strategy drew attention the fact that the simplified system offers the highest earnings.All that is required from the trader, is to exercise the purchase option in strict accordance with the indicator signals.The amount of investment necessary to count, starting from the cross percent.For example, if the system proposed by Vadim Ozerov, the signals from the cross gives 300% and a standard lot is $ 50, you need to enter the purchase amount of $ 150.When the cross-points to 100%, the purchase of the option must comply with 50 dollars.Expiry Period option is determined by the signal.He described in detail in the instructions to the indicator.Trade rules are very simple.By switching the tabs, you can change the type of the applied signal.Strategy «Mainline» takes about 15 signals a day.But the strategy «Uberprofit» says not less than 40 signals a day.

What's behind the word "hedge"?

very ambiguous about the project can be found, "Vadim-Ozerov.kom" reviews.Divorce or not the strategy, understand they do not help, but the word "hedge", frequently used by the author, leads to some reflection.Classic story says that if the deal was opened in the wrong direction, you can reduce the loss by opening a similar deal, but in the other direction.Profit from the second purchase or sale partially block the results of incorrect decision."Hedging" according to the procedure Ozerov nobody on the project does not describe what makes us think about the fact that under this word lies no more than a concept of "loss".

The results of the analysis of many traders, or What to Look for novice

statistics provided on the site are very impressive, which explains the popularity of the proposal.This qualified traders focus on the fact that such figures make very problematic, especially with the automatic trade.That so many nuances and suspicious, forced to leave the negative to the project "Vadim-Ozerov.kom" reviews.Divorce or not these wonderful signals, each already doing their own, taking into account the existing risks.In any case it is necessary before the adoption of proposals in detail to study it.