Sports nutrition for gaining lean muscle - Protein

beautiful perfect body - a complex and long way to perfection.This path can not pass each, not all have the strength and desire.As a rule, beautiful and correct proportions require muscle mass.This is not such a simple process - here need high quality training and proper, abundant food.There is a special set of sports nutrition for muscle mass.Protein - one of the representatives of this type of product, a unique source of protein and amino acids.

What is it?

Protein - one of the most common types of sports supplements, is actively used by all athletes (not just bodybuilders).Today it is difficult to imagine a professional bodybuilder without a jar of this drug at home, so that there is - it is simply impossible.After all, there are special conditions for the recruitment of muscle mass.Protein is one of them.Immediately it should be noted that it is not any chemistry!This is not an anabolic agent and dietary supplement containing a certain number of animal and plant proteins that are necessary for proper muscle growth.In fact, after exercise the muscles under stress, microtrauma, and lack of energy.In the absence of the required amount of nutrients in the body, they start to break down themselves, synthesizing the most energy.The dose of the protein prevents such a process, but rather gives the muscles all the necessary ingredients through which they begin to grow.It is therefore advisable to use as a kit for muscle protein, and during drying, the athlete runs over the relief.

What is good?

Firstly, the protein is perfectly absorbed by the body, because the mixture is diluted with water or milk (preferably the second).We all know that the liquid food is processed much faster and more efficiently than rough and hard.

It is easy to use, while spending a minimum of time.It's one thing when you eat a whole pack of cottage cheese 20-30 minutes, and quite another when you drink a nutritious shake for 2-3 minutes.

Whey protein has the highest biological value.Because of this it supplies the body with protein outperform other types of food, becoming thus an indispensable food for the recruitment of muscle mass.Protein increases the overall muscle mass, shaping the necessary volume and relief.

How to take it?

protein to recruit the masses are best taken in two varieties: casein and whey.The first is digested and absorbed into the muscles around 5-6 hours, to providing them with small amounts all the time.Taking it at night, you can significantly increase lean body mass.The second type is the exact opposite - it is very rapidly absorbed.

"refueled" in this protein should be before and after exercise.Especially interesting is the moment when you open the protein-carbohydrate window - a certain period of time (30-40 minutes after exercise): in the body there is an acute shortage of nutrients, which is why there is muscle catabolism.Thus, for a set of proteins in muscle mass - an essential element of any athlete training.