Products for the recruitment of muscle mass: daily meals

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There are many different diets for bodybuilders.It is known that people differ in susceptibility to various products, metabolic rate, and most importantly, all the different types of body structure.But, despite this, there are rules and norms of power, not adhering to them, it is difficult to gain weight.In this article we will examine a set of products for muscle mass.We learn about the benefits and nutritional value of different foods, that are involved in building the muscle fibers and support the athlete's body as a whole.

diet rules for a set of muscle mass:

  • right balance of calories;
  • meal should be divided into small portions, you should eat at least 6 times a day;
  • count the number of carbohydrates, proteins and fats;
  • eating easily digestible foods that do not cause malfunction of the digestive system;
  • in the morning used food with high carbohydrate content, the second priority should be given high-protein food;
  • use the right amount of liquid for growing - at least 2 liters of water.

Products for recruitment of muscle mass.Meals throughout the day

morning, after a long sleep, is required to perform a task - to stock up on energy for the whole day, in addition, need to saturate the body with fast carbohydrates and proteins.Oatmeal, rice or buckwheat, a glass of natural fruit juice, dried fruit or chocolate natural black body will charge the necessary amount of energy.Boiled egg - the best source of protein for breakfast in the morning.But be careful with the egg yolks, they are quite powerful allergen.Given this fact, try not to use more than 3 egg yolks per day, to a protein is generally not the case.

next meal do not later than 2.5 hours after the first.Portion about half the size, the ratio of protein to carbohydrates - 50 to 50. An excellent choice would be a vegetable salad, boiled chicken, lean red meat with rice, brown bread and honey.This is the best products for a set of muscle mass.

Throughout the day you need to replenish the body's long protein that you get the daily rate of essential nutrients.Since the middle of the day you want to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that together with increase muscle mass not fat.At lunch you can eat rice with fish, vegetable salads, low-fat soup.

between the full use of the food you can eat sandwiches with cheese and whole grain bread or fresh fruit.During the day, remember to drink fresh water.For reference: Try to wash down the food during the main meals, fluid slows down metabolism, you can feel the heaviness in the stomach.

The evening meal is important to provide the body with proteins long before bedtime.Cheese is rich in casein protein, it is very useful.It is quite a long time to digest, respectively, a long period of your muscles will get the desired amino acids.If your body metabolizes bad cheese and dairy products, there are special proteins that act in a similar manner, they are called "12 hours".In the evening, especially before going to bed, it is best to eliminate from the diet of carbohydrates.

Try to use natural products for a set of muscle mass.Do not buy the "food shopping" and ready meals.