Who has the biggest biceps

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And indeed, anyone?And what are the biceps can rightly be considered the greatest?For now, there are so many methods of pumping, muscle stimulation and other aids that have nomination "The biggest biceps" simply had no other foundation than the outer dimension.And talk about the functionality of the muscle, the amount of which exceeds 50 cm, are simply stupid.So do not start to envy those whose "banks" can rightly be called "the biggest biceps", because it does not always aesthetically pleasing.

Guinness Book of Records.Champion

And of course, the first thing we turn to the book of records, in which black and white we see that the biggest biceps in the world belongs to none other than Greg Valentino.This is truly the monster world bodybuilding biceps muscle volume has more than 73h centimeters!However, much more correct to say "had" because Greg's story speaks for itself.Man- "the biggest biceps" was not always so: in 13 years, when Greg became interested in bodybuilding, he was a puny boy, but after ten years, grabbed his hand reached 53h centimeters.But this was not enough for the young and ambitious athlete, as a result he tried "Syntol."

«Syntol" - a special oil is injected into the muscle tissue, causing inflammation and increase the visual volume.It was at the peak of the use of this drug Valentino reached a world record, but soon after that he was having serious health problems as a result of which required surgery to extract synthol of muscle.(However, according to some reports, it later walked Denis Sisters, with the volume of the biceps in 77 centimeters.)

«Sintolovye" pitching

And now the bitter truth: the biceps - it is so fastidious muscle that even withAnabolic steroids can not exceed its threshold size of 55-60 centimeters.As a result, the same, the biggest biceps - not always the strongest, and certainly not the most beautiful.Just open your browser and search engine to drive any of the search words on a topic related to synthol, and the next minute you are guaranteed whacks desire to be the owner of such monstrous hands.

most natural, beautiful, sexy and still the biggest biceps.

Myth or Reality?

But do not despair!For there are heroes, whose muscles, despite the size, is not tainted by chemicals and oils other rubbish.These heroes of modern bodybuilding, no doubt, can be attributed Craig Kovacs, his 67yu centimeters, without additional oil and "Synthol."Of course, this amount was achieved partly monstrous weight of the athlete, but, nevertheless, it is certainly much more worthy of the title "the biggest biceps" according athleticism since the Iron Arnie and today.Of course, Jay Cutler, Rony Koleyman and other Titans, in their time, too, could boast a little less than the size of hands, but the statistics there are statistics!

summarize, we note only that the pursuit of size, forgetting about the beauty and power of this teenage maximalism, which can only lead to the fact that young and promising athlete turned into a shapeless monster to ridicule others, it is extremely sad.