How to build the wings in the home quickly and efficiently?

no secret that many men tend to pump up their muscles because muscular body - a sign of strength, courage, sexuality.But not everyone knows that for good physical shape not necessarily rush to the gym.To date, the exercises are designed to help in deciding how to pump up its wings at home.One can only read this article and begin to apply this knowledge in practice.

How to build wings at home?You will need to do some inventory.The first is a horizontal bar, dumbbells, barbells.It happens that the house is not always the whole list, then you should try to replace the missing equipment homemade counterparts.For example, to use as a weighting agent in bags or buckets of frozen cement.Shop model horizontal bar can be replaced by a makeshift bar, securely fastened at a suitable height.

now deal with the main (basic) exercises that will help to solve the question of how to build wings at home.


How to pump up its wings in the home, if the weights and is not available?Here come to the aid of push-ups.For their high performance should take into account some of the nuances.Inflate your latissimus if lowered below the stop shoulders, legs should be raised to the bench, sofa or stool.Set your hands wide enough, but do not overdo it, otherwise you can greatly hurt the shoulders.

If you perform these exercises for the wing becomes too easy, that is,your muscles get stronger much need to increase the load.You can use this for a variety of weighting.As an extra you can use the weight of the goods or junior partner (not heavy) family member.Just be careful - you can get hurt.


popular exercises for the wings are tightening.To inflate the wings should perform pull smoothly without making the delays at the top and at the bottom.You can perform their usual grip, while trying to reduce the rise in the shoulder blade.

wide grip pullups - performing them, you can not just pull the chin over the bar, but the head start ahead of the bar itself, keeping the body in the slope, trying to touch the bar with the shoulders.

Downloading wings using dumbbells

should take the dumbbell with your left hand grip to yourself, stand near a bench and leaned forward to rest against the bench with his right hand and right knee.The back should be bent in a natural way, almost parallel to the floor.Hand with a dumbbell hangs freely, the head lifted up.

Then you need a little bend the left leg and lift the dumbbell to the chest.At the highest point should be immobilized on the second arm, and then lower it slowly to the initial position.

To qualitatively pump wings, should be performed 5-9 reps of 2-4 exercises approach.Be sure to let your muscles recover after exercise.Do these workouts twice a week.