Make gainer at home

It's no secret that many athletes to maintain their physical characteristics take sports supplements.I must say that it is not chemistry!In the world of sport should distinguish between chemicals and supplements.Just enough to read a couple of articles about what it is and how it operates.Today, many types of sports nutrition can not be made at home (eg, creatine, tribulus).But there are exceptions, and how is the gainer.

What is it

Gainer is a protein-carbohydrate mixture containing a large amount of calories.This drink can be made even at home, having at its disposal certain products (which will be discussed later).Carbohydrates are needed by the body for energy production, protein - to build muscle.It is best to take a weight gainer (regardless of whether it is a home or purchased) after exercise, after about 30 minutes.Why, you ask.The thing is that at this moment is the opening 'carbohydrate' window within MDM body begins to absorb all the nutrients with a vengeance.Gainer at home (or purchased) is ideal for the recovery of energy and build muscle at the same time.

Define some products

So, on his appointment and we understand the definition of gainer.Now turn to choose foods that can be prepared from carbohydrate cocktails.Choosing need more, assuming that the carbohydrate content of the mixture should be less than the amount of protein in 3 times.Let's start with the protein.It is clear that a cocktail of a piece of meat, we will not do, it is best suited for the job cheese.Low-fat cottage cheese is an ideal protein basis.When it is necessary to add triple the amount of carbohydrates that are simply an abundance of fruit.It is impossible to make a mistake - they are contained in any fruit.Can interfere in the gainer (at home), all that comes to hand: apples, peaches, bananas, pears, oranges and so on.In winter fruits to get a little harder, and prices significantly increased.In this case, they successfully replace the honey and jam.And now, after we have decided on the creation of gainer sources, proceed to its preparation.

Stir and shake

To ensure that all components of the mixture produced is metabolized by the body, they must be thoroughly mixed and milled.For this purpose is ideal blender.We fill our fruktiki and curd milk (about 400 ml), and start mixing.Get to the whole mass has become homogeneous and dense.There should remain no lumps and pieces of food.If you find it hard to make a thick mixture, add more milk.The beverage is poured into a shaker.Thus, we got gainer in the home, which in turn is almost as good as the purchase, and sometimes even surpasses it.Another important point - do not do every time a cocktail of the same products.Try something new, experiment and create new flavors that were diversity.What good gainer in the home, so the fact that one component of the drink without any problems can be replaced with equivalent.