How to build muscle at home?

You have a great desire to have a beautiful, powerful, muscular body, but can not regularly go to the gym?This article will help you understand how to build muscle at home.You will need quite a bit: the regularity of training and perseverance in achieving this goal, some of the equipment and compliance with a certain diet.

regular training

How to build muscle at home?It is necessary to engage in at least one hour a day, causing on different days to work different muscle groups.For example, on Monday you can train the muscles of the back and arms.On Tuesday make a program for the muscles of the thighs and lower legs.The medium may be a day when you train chest.Every day to do at least one exercise for the press.

training should take place in full strength - if you want to have a strong, massive body will need to work actively.But do not forget about the rest.Muscle mass increases during the holidays.Activated process and during sleep, so be sure to get enough sleep.In this mode, the question: "How to build muscle at home?"It will be resolved quickly.


To solve the problem of how to gain muscle mass in the home, should take care of a certain amount of equipment.For solid results need a rod having included a sufficient number of pancakes.Get Matched dumbbells - is cheaper than constantly buying new more weight.If the weight of the weighting will not grow muscle growth will stop soon.

How to increase muscle mass without buying expensive equipment?Take advantage of the early stages of a budget option.For example, instead of buying an expensive form of rods can be poured from the cement mortar.Many "home" bodybuilders started with, poured two buckets of concrete solution and hitched them to the bar of the bar.But eventually, when the muscles grow to the maximum possible weight of the weighting agent in this size will still need to purchase the bar with pancakes.

It is imperative to have a strong and stable bench.It is desirable that it can be raised and fixed at different angles.

Affordable and efficient equipment for a home gym - the horizontal bar.It can be wall-mounted horizontal bar.For small apartments can be purchased such equipment and fix it in the doorway.

In order to approach the question: "How to build muscle at home?"fundamentally, it is recommended to buy racks squats.Without squats massive body can not be created.If you do not have enough money, fabricate a similar stand on their own or order in a carpentry workshop.


If you do not make a correct diet, instead of massive muscles during intense workouts will "cling" relief, but sinewy body.If you set yourself a task: "I want to gain muscle mass!" - You need to eat a lot of protein, which is the foundation to build muscle fibers.It is important that the food was frequent, but small portions.There are recommended every two hours.

sure to enter carbohydrates in your diet and drink plenty of water.But better to limit fats.Best products are vegetable oils, fish oil quality.

These tips, if properly applied will certainly yield results.Good you practice!