Learning from the list of countries having nuclear weapons.

you noticed that more and more incomprehensible are the processes taking place on the planet.This is understandable.Firstly, the residents are increasing.Secondly, they do not sit on a palm tree, and develop.Only the creations they are not always safe.Therefore, a person needs to understand where the threats lurk.It is proposed to examine the list of countries with nuclear weapons.Beyond that, what's going on inside these countries are closely monitoring political and military leaders.Yes, and we all need to look closely not polyhnet it?

What is it?

Before narrate how many countries in the world have nuclear weapons, it is necessary to determine the concepts.The fact that not all imagine the strength and power of the described threats.Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction population.If (God forbid) someone dares to use it, then the world will not remain a single person is not affected by this action.Some will simply be wiped out, and the rest - are subject to secondary risks.Nuclear arsenal includes devices themselves, their means of "delivery" and management.Fortunately, this sophisticated system.To create them, you must have the appropriate technology that reduces the risk of replenishment "of the club owners."Therefore, the list of countries having nuclear weapons for a long time remains unchanged.

little history

Even in 1889, the Curies discovered the strange behavior of some elements.They discovered the principle of allocation of huge amounts of energy in the process of decay.This theme involved Rutherford, D. Cockcroft and other great minds.And in 1934, L. Szilard received a patent for an atomic bomb.He first came up with the discovery of how to apply in practice.We will not delve into the reasons for his work.However, those wishing to take advantage of the opening were many.Such weapons, as they believe, is the key to world domination.His and apply is not necessary.Brandished like a club, all in fear will obey.By the way, the principle has been living for almost a century.All nuclear powers, listed below, have a significant, compared to other weight on the world stage.This, of course, many do not like.But such is the order of things, according to the philosophers.

Which countries are nuclear powers

clear that technology could not create a state is not developed, the relevant scientific and industrial base.Although it is not all that is needed to create such complex devices.Therefore, the list of countries having nuclear weapons, is small.It includes eight or nine states.Are you surprised by this uncertainty?Let me explain what the problem is.But before we give them a list.List of countries with nuclear weapons: Russia, the US, Britain, France, China, Pakistan, North Korea, India.These countries were able to implement the opening of the Curie in varying degrees.Their arsenals are different in composition and, naturally threats.However, one bomb is believed to be sufficient to destroy life.

about discrepancies in the quantitative part of the "nuclear club»

Here are some intriguing creatures on the planet.The list of countries having nuclear weapons, some experts include Israel.The state itself does not recognize what can already be included in the "club".However, there is some indirect evidence that Israel still has a deadly weapon.In addition, some States have secretly working to develop its own nuclear "stick".There is much talk about Iran, which does not hide this.Only the government of the country recognizes the development of the "peaceful atom", leading to its laboratories.The world community is inclined to believe that such a program being successful, and will allow to create weapons of mass destruction.This repeat experts.They also say that nuclear power supply technology to its "satellites".This is done for political purposes to strengthen its influence.Thus, some experts are trying to accuse the United States in nuclear weapons delivery partners.To admit the evidence is the world no one showed.

positive effects

Not all experts believe nuclear weapons are only a threat to the existence of the planet.In times of crisis it is, oddly enough, can be a powerful tool "peace enforcement".The fact that claims and conflict, some leaders believe it possible to solve by military means.This, of course, does not bear good people.War - it is death and destruction, brake development of civilization.So it was before.Today the situation is different.All countries, one way or another, are related.As they say, the world has become very small and cramped.To fight so as not to hurt the "nuclear club" is almost impossible.Power with a "club" can and apply it in the event of a serious threat.Therefore it is necessary to calculate the risks before using conventional weapons.It turned out that the world guarantee members of the "nuclear club."

Differences in the arsenals

course, the club of "elite" is not uniform.Countries have in the arsenal of nuclear weapons completely disparate parameters.If the US and Russia have so-called Triad, the other states are limited in their potential use bombs.Strong countries (USA, Russia) are carriers of all types.These include: ballistic missiles, bombs, submarines.That is, the nuclear threat can be delivered to the place of impact on the ground, air and sea.Other members of the "nuclear club" not yet reached such a development.Another question is complicated by the fact that the powers do not seek to discover their secrets.Estimates of their nuclear arsenals are relative.Negotiations are conducted in strict secrecy.While efforts to establish parity, taken continuously.Nuclear weapons are now is not the military, and political factor.Many politicians and experts work to ensure that this situation remains unchanged.To die in a nuclear war no one wants.