Total War - this ... Historical examples and urgency of the problem today,

Of course, we'd better never know the meaning of "total war", but hardens the outbreak of aggression between world powers are increasingly forcing us to think about the worst scenario.Do we, as well as our grandparents, will dream of a peaceful sky over the city and the land cleaned of blood?

Total War: what is it?

war on Earth were almost from the moment of the origin of the human race.People want power, territorial expansion and augmentation of resources and the desire to thrust their aggressive and violent behavior in relation to the side of the resistance.

Total War - is a nationwide battle against one or more opponents using all economic, arms and human resources.The concept of total war involves not only the permitted methods of warfare, but also the use of any type of weapons, including weapons of mass destruction and biological, chemical and nuclear.In addition, in order to intimidate the enemy can be carried out terrorist acts against the civilian population, in particular vulnerable groups of society (children, the disabled, pensioners).These activities are aimed at the suppression of the national spirit, development of feelings of helplessness and distrust of the people to the government, to prevent similar acts of violence.

In this war affects not only the military, volunteering to become combatants.Total War - it is a national disaster, which can be interpreted as a complete genocide.

theory of mass destruction

most striking example of the concept of total war is well known to us - this is a military program of Nazi Germany.

In 1935, military theorist Erich Ludendorff in his infamous book coined the term "total war."This was the beginning of one of the worst periods in the history of mankind.The theory of mass attraction of resources and cruel terror against an enemy relished voennokomanduyuschim Hitler.

In 1943, the Minister of the Third Reich and propagandist Joseph Goebbels appealed to all-out war.In the battle they were sent to both men and women, and the elderly, and children.Before them was placed a priority goal - to destroy the enemy at any cost, plunder of property, destruction of cultural monuments, national oppression.

theory of total war and supported a prominent political figure of Benito Mussolini, who drew the Italians in the war and forced to side with the fascist regime.

Crime and Punishment

After the surrender of Nazi perpetrators Army All-out war were to appear before the Tribunal, where they were charged with crimes against humanity and the death penalty.But the main figures of the war and did not live to see this day.

Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun deprived himself of life on their own April 31, 1945, and the next day this feat repeated Goebbels family: wife poisoned their six children and then took the poison themselves.

Benito Mussolini still failed to punish myself.April 28, 1945 he was shot and hung upside down in the area of ​​Milan where mock his body could each.After mutilated body was thrown in the sewer drain in a sign of contempt.

urgency of the problem today

It would seem that mankind should learn a lesson from the bloody pages of history, and take measures to prevent similar situations in the future.But, oddly enough, some fascist ideas of Goebbels are popular today.

People mislead, forcing the enemy to see his brothers.All men between 18 and 60 years of going to war, even against their will.Harden measures on border crossing.Discontinued social benefits and privileges, all the economic resources aimed at the army.Thousands of dead, tens of thousands of injured ... Houses destroyed, mutilated fate.People live in fear and uncertainty.

Total War - it's not a necessity, but a way of "tops" of the Board to meet the needs of power.Before taking up arms, you should think about it.