Spring Wedding: omens of March.

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Outside, rings drops, bird flocks and bask in the warm spring sun.Trees wake up after winter cold, and nature comes to life again.Is not that true happiness?Very often couples are considering it is why in March as the ideal month for a wedding ceremony.

Why do people get married in the spring often?

much interest signs in March related to marriage this month, as well as whether successful wedding in March?How does it know?There are several signs, which are important to consider before determining the date of the wedding.However, you should know that these signs are special.

Everyone has a favorite time of the year, which he most expect.Someone very much loves winter and someone fascinated welcoming summer.For many, spring is a special time of year.In the first days of spring surrounding nature wakes up, and with it the awakening and the souls of men.At this time, many notice that they want to create, learn and just enjoy life.For lovers spring - this is a special time to, with the arrival of which exacerbated feelings of the heart are revealed.Therefore, the couple decide to create a happy family in the spring.

Will successful wedding in March?

Can I marry well in March?Signs will help you select the date for a happy marriage, and find out what will be the future life.In ancient times there was a tradition according to which young married in March.However, they were required to go far from home.There is a sign: if the wedding will be in March, the couple soon relocate.It may also indicate that the husband and wife after the wedding will not live together with their families and give them the fate of their own homes.This sign is relevant enough for honeymooners, because many of them are worried about the housing problem.

In this March, there are signs of a different value.For example, if the husband is a foreigner, shortly after the wedding the couple will move to another country.On this day the dream of many girls.

What better day to get married in March?Signs of this month indicate that the wedding would be favorable for any day.However, the marriage in this period necessarily mean big changes in life.

If the couple does not want to radically change your life, because all satisfied with the way they live now, it is better not to marry in March.If the pair falls into the category of people who wish to completely change the circumstances of life, the wedding in March, given the opportunity.

Signs and religious customs

If you take into account the wedding signs in March related to the customs of the church, in this period is not desirable to perform marriage ceremonies.All due to the fact that in this period always comes Lent.

V prohibited the faithful to participate in various entertainment activities, which include the wedding ceremony.It is noteworthy that, in ancient times, people tie the knot and always married.As you know, in the post marry undesirable.

Now young couples are usually only sent to the registrar.Therefore, if the wedding postponed for another month is not obtained, the ceremony can be performed during Lent without wedding.

traditions of our ancestors and the month of March on signs point to the fact that the marriage in this period will be a happy and successful if the young married at will, and their mutual love binds.

Folk omens

There are a number of interesting people signs that determine what would be his marriage in March.They should pay attention, especially those that fall to the wedding date.For example, if on that day will be changeable weather, which means that the young will live happily ever after.And the change in the weather should be as follows: in the morning and in the afternoon should be sunny and in the evening have to go rain.If your wedding day is lightning in the lives of young, perhaps there will be unpleasant situation, after which they will further appreciate each other.

If your wedding day is cold, it is very good for young people.Sign indicates that it will soon occur in young addition to the family.According to national signs, it will be a boy.

Another great sign of a wedding day in March As for the birds and children.If the birds will sit on the window sill on the day of the ceremony, you need to count them.The number of birds says the number of children at the newlyweds.

Should I trust the signs?

Wedding March signs are important for religious people.Usually, the couple are skeptical about such things.For example, many consider the most beautiful in the spring period in May and, despite signs of, dare to get married this month.

Psychologists believe that the most important role has its own attitude Suite for the wedding.Everyone decides for itself whether to trust the signs.Someone choosing a happy wedding date, listens to folk wisdom, and someone takes a decision based on personal preference.In both cases, a life after the wedding will be happy if the young to really love and appreciate each other.