How long is maternity leave?

With the news of the approach of pregnancy the expectant mother takes new concerns and questions.So, in addition to preparations for the long-awaited event, a woman thinks about how things affect her work.In this article, we will focus on how many takes maternity leave.You find out the features of calculation of this time period.Also worth mentioning is issued ordinary academic and maternity.

What decree?

in our legal legislation there is no such thing as a decree (maternity leave).Every woman, preparing to become a mother, the state provides a time frame for delivery.In accounting practice, he called the hospital.Available vacation depending on many factors.

Immediately after the end of the woman has the right to take leave to care for a child.It is necessary to submit the required documents to the employer.A student at the time of the request may be granted a leave of absence on maternity leave.

duration of hospital

How long is maternity leave?This question is no single answer.It all depends on the number of children expected and the region, which is home to the woman.Also maternity maternity can be extended with complicated childbirth or premature appearance of the baby born.All this is recorded in accounting and recalculated if necessary.Consider the basic legal rules that say how much lasts maternity leave.

  • If pregnancy had no complications, and a woman expects a baby, then it is available for your holiday 70 days before delivery and the same afterwards.
  • in multiple pregnancies (when the amount of the expected child is two or more) of the expectant mother goes to the hospital for 84 days before delivery and has the right to rest for 110 days thereafter.
  • When the birth of the baby took place with complications (Caesarean section, re-scraping and so on), rest periods of 156 days.When you see a child that period divided by 70 days before the birth and 86 after.
  • sick premature labor begins with the onset of the baby and continues for another 156 days.

How long is maternity leave, if the woman lives in a disadvantaged area?The law in this case, set a deadline of 160 days.

next holiday

after childbirth Immediately after childbirth a woman has the right to use leave to care for a child.Some call it the next.However, government documents say that you can not get away from one release to another.That is why before the birth of the baby and immediately after the event she recognized disability and is on sick leave.

If desired, this holiday (child care) may be used by any member of the family.Most often it is necessary in cases where the mother is unable to take care of the baby.Available rest for up to three years.In this first half of the year the state pays his monthly allowance.

If a woman has an unused regular leave, then she can take it just before leaving for the hospital.In this case, you must make a corresponding statement in the name of your employer.

How to maternity leave?

you now know how many takes maternity leave in different cases.However, many moms are wondering how to decorate it.To do this you need to collect certain documents and to make a statement on maternity leave.

  1. First you need to wait for a certain period and obtain a medical certificate.This document is issued to every expectant mother in the institution where she is registered with the pregnancy.If a woman did not apply throughout the term to doctors, she will still have to provide a sheet of disability in any public hospital.
  2. After receiving hospital should write an application.His cap specified details of the employer and information on where the expectant mother is working.After that fills the main form, where a woman asked for her maternity leave at a certain date.
  3. to all the collected documents are attached copies of passport and employment record.However, some companies do not require the item and decorate it yourself.

After collecting all the necessary forms needed to apply to the accounting documents, and to give back.The special book of orders marked the period for which the woman recognized disability and negotiated the release date of the holiday.After that, the expectant mother must check the details and sign the necessary papers.

How to leave after the birth of a child?

calculation of maternity produced medical institution issuing sick leave.However, after the completion of the woman she has the right not to go to work.In this case, it is necessary to make an application.To be sure it is attached birth certificate baby (or babies).

is worth recalling that this holiday is not granted automatically.If a woman did not write the necessary application, then its absence in the workplace can be regarded as absenteeism.That is why every expectant mother should know their rights and responsibilities.

Summary, conclusion, or small

you now know how formalized maternity leave.If you've never dealt with these regulations, it is necessary to turn to an accountant.The specialist will tell you all the rules and help arrange the necessary documents.

Some women from one leave to care for a child go to another.In this case, the segments for the rest shares all the same sick leave and maternity leave.If such an outcome is to make a separate calculation and display the statutory days for holidays.