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In medical environments superstitions are found at every step.It is understandable - in the hands of Aesculapius are human lives.

13th of

At the end of 2011 at the Federal Center of Transplantation and Artificial Organs.academician Shumakov had a unique operation.The patient from Orenburg the first time in the history of national transplantation transplanted complex "heart-lung".Elena T. suffered little known and deadly disease - pulmonary hypertension, which gradually led to the deterioration of not only the lungs but also the heart.The situation worsened after Lena shifted on his feet flu.There was a question about the lung transplant.Such an operation in Orenburg do not, therefore, August 16, 2011 Lena was in the capital.

After careful examination it became clear that a single lung transplant is necessary.To carry out complex operations required donor.But this is not all easy even in Moscow.Some patients are waiting for your donor for years, others did not wait.Lena T. knew about it.But it wa

s on August 16 when she was admitted to the center, her mother, is always close to her daughter, she said: "Lena, you will operate on October 13 in the evening."Where did this date?Why the 13th?Explain it could not no one, including the very parent.

But the strange thing is that at the center of its predictions have believed, including doctors.And in order not to frighten away your luck, superstitious Aesculapius decided not to tell anyone anything."Yes, I did not say anything to anyone: Surgery is not without superstition" - confessed to the head of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care Professor Vitaly Nikolaevich Poptsov.And when the morning October 13 as ordered appeared donor, even experienced doctors were surprised foresight mother.But they continued to bend his line: keep your mouth shut and did not report sensation-hungry reporters.Unique operation lasted three hours.And then a month, doctors said nothing about his victory.Doctors wanted to make sure that donor agencies take root.And so it happened.But not to jinx the patient be protected from contact with the press during the recovery period until his discharge.Only when the young woman began to gather in his native Orenburg, where she waited for her husband and daughter, it allowed journalists.

Nekhoroshev match

Doctors often called cynical black humor.And this is the truth.This profession requires a huge responsibility for someone else's life, constant stress and cynicism, combined with a peculiar sense of humor is a medical psychological protection.But what is surprising: "notorious cynics" firmly believe in all the medical superstition.One of them says: not good doctor to treat a patient who is his full namesake.

In March, Saratov TB hospital after suffering pneumonia enrolled patients with suspected tuberculosis.The man was in the prime of life, strong, athletic, although smoked.Doctors practiced eye immediately identified even if the patient and confirm the diagnosis, the treatment should not pose great difficulties.Aesculapius more alarming: the patient is a full namesake of one of the doctors, who at that time was on leave.And we must train to happen: a planned trip to the south fell through, and the doctor went to work!

Ironically his full namesake was in the Chamber, assigned to the failed vacationers.Away from sin patient decided to move to another room, but, unfortunately, not a single free bed in the hospital was not found.Dr. Sam only laughed: he did not believe in omens, and continued to treat namesake, as if nothing had happened.A patient, as doctors have assumed, indeed, quickly went on the mend (tuberculosis, fortunately, he and found), and a month later he was transferred to the home mode.A month later the same doctor came down with pneumonia ....


sit on a table in a hospital can afford except that yesterday a medical student.The doctors with extensive experience never afford such liberties not allowed, otherwise provided by the deceased.

Change duty is considered to be a bad sign, too: a duty to have the largest influx of heavy patients.Nothing good portend the operation, during which the surgeon torn glove or falls on the floor tool.If this trouble happens, doctors pretend that nothing has fallen, and do not raise the floor tool, and then another, and can trample on it in order to destroy the action of bad omens.

People in white coats avoided treat relatives - both its own and others'.Otherwise not avoid confusion with documents or complications in the patient.Seasoned Aesculapius joke on this subject: the three most serious associated disease in a patient - a medical education, high rank and close relationship.Why is that?From a psychological point of view, there is a confusion of roles, but it did not work worthwhile.

Experienced doctors say: if, after successful treatment of the patient did not thank the doctor, he is replaced in the same hospital.Of course, in this case we are not talking about the presentation in the form of an envelope with the nth sum.Enough short "thank you" or symbolic gifts such as a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.Even Dr. Leonid Roshal, admits: "It is a sign of normal human gratitude.I myself once ... thanked the doctors after treatment, however, is not the money, and gifts, and was very happy that they have not kicked me, and quietly accepted the gifts. "

in one of the suburban hospital got sick Faith N. with a diagnosis of "benign breast tumor."One woman raised two children and used to count every penny.The patient has paid for health insurance as much relied on the price list - about two and a half thousand.The operation to remove the tumor itself is made head of the department, and a week later the patient started asking to go home to the children.On the day of discharge, she packed her bags, said goodbye to everyone who was in her room, and was gone.When Faith went beyond the hospital gates, her eyes fell on the flower kiosk.He flashed the thought to buy a bunch of the surgeon, but the desire to save prevailed.

... Six months later, Vera N. was back in the same hospital with the same diagnosis.When she complained to his sick sad fate, one of the patients in the ward she opened all the cards."So it was necessary to train the surgeon even flower give.And a nice man would do, and the mercy of the disease would be. "

Xenia Svetlov

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