Insurance without inspection.

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In July 2012 Russian motorists got good news.The State Duma has allowed machines to insure insurance with pass inspection, which are less than six months.In addition, the new law provides the opportunity to get short-term insurance policy without maintenance for a period of 20 days.In the near future for consideration by the State Duma of Buda introduced the new bill to the policy for permanent insurance without inspection.

key point of the new bill - the return of the rights of drivers to insure the vehicle to pass inspection.The reason is that today MOT operators entitled to carry out inspection, can not cope with the flow of those wishing to inspect the car.Often the owners of the vehicles at your own risk operate the machine without insurance.

Today amendments to the law make it possible to buy liability insurance policy tool without inspection, but still worth it to comply with certain conditions.Previously, drivers could get a policy only to the place where it will be registered.Now, the policy can be purchased in order to get to the venue of the first or recurrent TO.

innovation was approved by the car owners, since many of them previously had to resort to towing services, so as not to disturb the existing rules of the road.If necessary, you can now buy liability insurance policy tool without inspection for a period of 20 days and get to the point is that, without breaking the rules.In other cases, to obtain insurance still have to pass inspection.

Some drivers are of the opinion that insurance is needed only for beginners and Likhachev, and does not consider it necessary to insure his "iron horse" on the insurance.In fact, driving without insurance is fraught with serious consequences.Russian legislation provides for mandatory insurance of any vehicle.In the absence of policy drivers at risk of a fine from 100 to 800 rubles.In addition, the traffic police, identifying such an offense shall have the right to forbid even the operation of the vehicle and remove the serial numbers.

In order to understand how the insurance is calculated, it is necessary to apply to any insurance company you are interested in.Some car owners believe that the price of the policy is determined by the insurer, in fact, it is not.The cost of insurance is made up of factors and tariffs set by the state.Insurance companies have no right to underestimate or overestimate the cost of the policy.The law prohibits any discounts, promotions, gifts with purchase insurance.The price of the policy depends on the brand of car, age, frequency of use, length of the driver.Also important region where the vehicle is registered, the engine power, the number of drivers that will be written in the policy.

insurance is calculated based on the basic rates, which are set by the government.Specialist multiplies the base rate on insurance rates, which can reduce the cost of insurance, or, conversely, make it more expensive.The more experience and driver's age, the lower the ratio, accordingly, insurance is cheaper.

Term insurance also affects the cost, it is most advantageous to buy a policy for 10 months or more, then be able to save a considerable amount.

State encourages those drivers who drive carefully and do not get into an accident.For trouble-free driving motorists rely premium of 5% per year without an accident.The maximum possible discount - 50%.In the insurance case the coefficient is increased by 50%.Therefore, each driver must be very careful while driving: it is not only safe, but also profitable.