Angélica Rivera, wife of Mexican President

Unlike many celebrities, it does not irritate the constant increasing interest of fans and journalists.Angélica Rivera is an outstanding actress, who played in such famous films as "Mistress" and "Simply Maria".And yet she was the mother of six children, the singer and First Lady of Mexico.Is this enough to become the heroine of his own soap series called "Life" ?!

Early career

huge brown eyes and sexy body helped her to become recognizable.After all, Angélica Rivera at an early age started modeling and acting, not only in Mexico but in the US, as well as the Japanese commercials.When the girl was offered a role in a movie, she also did not lose.But Angelica never gaining popularity only their external data.If Rivera was shot in the love scenes, that her character does not look vulgar.Very frankly and sensuality - that's what she used to emphasize the character plays a character.

Council of stars

Once Angélica Rivera received excellent advice from the most of Veronica Castro: "In order to become a star, you have to be a good wife, mother and sister."And she tries to follow this principle.Maybe that's why with such a crazy work schedule she always managed to look young and fresh.It follows the daily appearance - exercise, diet and adheres to use anti-aging creams.It is necessary to Angelica not only for the development of their careers.Maintaining such a lifestyle allowing Rivera to be desired for a husband and a full power to make their children happy.

Diligence and talent

If the role you need to learn something, be it scuba diving, horse riding or play saxophone, girl having fun doing it.And if Angélica Rivera terribly afraid of snakes and rats, the audience does not even guess about it.On the television screens of her heroine bold and fearless.Rivera's voice - even one bright facet of her talent.In addition to the TV series, she sang on stage.Surely everyone remembers a duet with Ricky Martin, Angélica.Therefore, it has repeatedly been nominated and awarded as the best singer and actress not only in Mexico but also abroad.

first marriage

When Angélica Rivera, whose biography is known to all fans of Mexican TV series, fell in love with Veronica Castro producer, she did not imagine that marriage will have to wait as much as 14 years.Only experience "illegitimate" children has led to the fact that their mother and father were married.But it was only an illusion of a happy family.Immediately after the wedding, something happened.The husband very much offended Angelica.She did not say exactly how, but stressed that does not need anyone's pity.

Meeting with Enrique

In 2008, Enrique Nieto was governor of Mexico City, which is very easy on the background of constant drug war and corruption scandals.He knew this firsthand: attempt on his own children.Angélica Rivera participated in the filming of a political roller Nieto to attract tourists to the country.At the first meeting Woman struck Enrique spectacular appearance, but after dinner in the restaurant the actress realized: this congenial person.As later admitted Angelica, on the day she was very worried, but, nevertheless, the meal was delayed until late at night, because she did not want to part with Enrique.

In real life, Nieto was quite unlike politics, of whose love affairs composing legends.He is from the first day won the heart of the river, but their relationship evolved gradually.Angelica moved to the depths not expensive gifts, and regular care Enrique about her comfort.So when Nieto asked her to become the bride, the actress immediately agreed.Of course, after she consulted with her children.They did not object.

new love

Angélica Rivera, whose filmography is extensive enough, divorced Castro and Enrique's wife died.But they do not even think to hold its own in the hearts of children of those who are no longer around.When talking about the feelings of the children, they do not play up to the audience.Therefore, at the weekend they all go to the countryside cottage, away from prying eyes.At Angélica and Enrique still reverent attitude: late dinners together and a lot of SMS throughout the day.

this pair perfectly manages to combine career and personal life.When Rivera asked about her relationship to power, she replied: "It helps in the education of children.As a result, they will be worthy of the people. "Her daughter is very hardworking.In addition to the school girls are actively engaged in swimming and dancing.And their mother, Angélica Rivera (photo see. Above) all also remains for most people the epitome of the ideal because it is:

  • talented and famous.
  • subtlety beautiful and rich.
  • smart and happy in my personal life.

many it will seem something unreal and unattainable.But in fact the opposite is true.Just hard work Angélica allowed her to create a soap opera in real life.And, as you can see, the end of this series get lucky!