Galina Yudashkin: a short biography

Children znamentistey always aroused keen interest among the fans of the parents and ordinary citizens.It is believed that the stellar pairs must be at least talented and gifted offspring.From birth to such children riveted attention, journalists carefully watch how the growth and development of children of the star, with whom are friends, some are choosing outfits and hobbies.Do not remain without attention and the daughter of the famous Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin - Galina.

Galina Yudashkin: biography

Galina - the daughter of successful parents, fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin and his wife, top manager home Yudashkin Marina Yudashkin.Galina Yudashkin was born in Moscow in 1990.

Childhood and youth

From the very childhood Galina Yudashkin grew up in an incredibly creative environment surrounded Intersnyh people and luxury clothes, created by her father.Santa girl was a military photographer and adolescence, she was passionate about photography.Galina is the only daughter and heiress of the fashion house Yudashkin.Despite the fact that due to the popularity of his father from birth she was surrounded by the special attention she never forced her parents for her blush.

can not say that it was brought up in austerity and prohibitions.With 18 years she was free to visit night clubs, but quickly tired of this holiday young lady, it is far more pleasant to spend time in the warm company of friends in a cozy restaurant.The tabloids have never appeared mentions that Galina Yudashkin was seen in any adult form.Modest behavior distinguishes it among the "golden youth".Unlike many child star, she was not made constant fun and easy vremyaprepovozhdeniyu.Finished elite school, Galina entered the Moscow State University.University art history at the Faculty of parallel engaging photography and design.

work and hobbies

It would be strange if Galina Yudashkin chose a way of life that is not associated with the work.The girl manages to successfully combine his studies, interest in photography, and work in the fashion house of his father.Despite his busy schedule, she has time to attend social events, fashion shows and receive additional education, graduated from the prestigious New York courses Parsons School of Design.Star parents are proud of their daughter.Comprehensive development, beautiful girl has managed to organize two own photo exhibition in Moscow, a fashion shoot for French Vogue magazine and work with Patrick Demarchelier - master of contemporary photography.Fashion critics have called her works expressive and provocative, with charm and a strong personality.In addition, Galina Yudashkin launched a debut collection of jeans youth clothing under his own name.It consists mainly of mikroshortov, torn T-shirts and denim jackets.


In many interviews Galina Yudashkin admits that he does not like being called a star child or socialite.In her opinion, these labels are more suitable for royalty, no employees, no hobbies.During practice at Conde Nast, she managed to get to know these people, their lives built around the outer shine, empty inside, they seemed to her dull and uninteresting.Galina value their time and trying to spend it with the maximum benefit.

main standard of beauty and style for women has always been my mother.Despite the fact that the pope - the world of eminent designer, personally sewed girl he is not so many dresses.Creative people are complex and changeable mood, she admits.

In relations Galina Yudashkin fairly constant.In 2013, she broke up with a successful Moscow businessman Ruslan Vahrievym, which for three years had lived in a civil marriage.It was love at first sight, their romance was long and beautiful, they traveled together, and at all events held there, even a couple of wedding planning.But, apparently, practical business Ruslan bored creative girl Galina that during long trips favorite look for inspiration all over the world.And I found - in the heart of her husband Peter Maksakova, whom she met in January 2014 in the company of common friends.23-year-old boy found himself the grandson of the famous actress Lyudmila Maksakova and the son of the infamous father Peter Maksakova (previously convicted for economic crimes).Peter - a graduate of MGIMO, clever and promising young man is preparing to launch its own IT-project.Couple just glows with happiness, since September 3, 2014 Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov officially legalized their relationship.Luxury celebration couple plans to organize summer, June 6, for the preparation for it - it's not an easy task, especially when my father - a world-renowned fashion designer, plans to create a wedding dress for her daughter dreams!

Photoworks Galina Yudashkin

As a photographer Galina Yudashkin shoots in different styles.Her portfolio can be found work associated with high fashion, displays and a variety of reportage photography.Is inspired by life itself, fashion and interesting creative people recognized Galina Yudashkin.Photography - reflection of reality.