Uzbekistan: the currency, the economic condition of the country and good-neighborly relations

Today the question "What is the currency in Uzbekistan» have enterprising members of modern society is quite important.As the country and after a fairly successful period of consolidation of their own nation and a peaceful existence in the socialist camp for most of the twentieth century is the twenty-odd years of swim in the democratic chaos.That, in turn, has enabled a large number of foreign companies to help the Uzbek people to deploy a full-scale process of mining and energy resources.However, the workers paid places in Uzbekistan is still not enough, that is not conducive to labor migration.Tourist business in the country does not work even with the distant Soviet times.The local education system also attracts students not to move to Uzbekistan.Currency republic with a beautiful eastern name "sum" rarely sees the hands of foreigners, who arrived in the country without the intention to increase their capital at the expense of the rich Uzbek land.

national currency of Uzbekistan

Like most independent countries of the modern world, Uzbekistan will issue its own currency sum.It is a bargaining tool for sharing values ​​and is divided into 100 tiyin.In connection with weak purchasing power, tiyin no longer used.In practice, the country denomination bills go from 100 to 5,000.Although scrip and are expensive on the international market, but they can be printed when the wish of anyone independent Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Currency, of course, will be subject to basic economic laws, is constantly depreciating, losing the level of confidence among its population.But do not go to get rid of someone's protectorate.Also currencies of the freedom-loving nations have a special bank code UZS for different kinds of financial transactions and the code of the International Standards Organisation ISO 4217. Emission center for the production and the sum of non-tiyin is the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Currency, in turn, produced theoretical denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 sum.This sum is equal to 1 ruble 71.

Good neighborly relations

economic situation in the republic with high unemployment and high potential labor force of the country allows international companies to place in her own production lines, reducing thus the cost of production.In addition, the Uzbeks to achieve a reasonable financial position also have to look for work in other more developed countries.Russia today is one of the major exporters of labor resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Currency Russian Federation in connection with this also has a fairly high level of popularity in the country, thus taking an honorable third place, after the scrip and the US dollar.