How to make a person think of you?

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can not guess what he was thinking this or that person.I would very much like to see the selected man is thinking about me ... The thought sometimes creeps into the heads of many girls.And as a man to make you think about?Who will give good advice on the subject.Apply some tricks - and you will achieve the desired.

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So, how to make a man think of you?There are several options.We will consider the most effective (in our opinion).It is possible that some will suit you.So, how to make a person think about himself?

  • can constantly remind myself about.Of course, this is the most simple and direct way.The effectiveness of it, unfortunately, is not very high, but over time will succeed.How about constantly remind myself and pay attention?Dress sexy.It can be pretty short dresses, tight pants and a cute top.
  • How to make a person think of you?You can teach him a thing, which will resemble.This can be either a pendant around the neck or keychain.Picking up a thing like that, he always smiles.If you give a cup, every morning people will remember about you, drinking tea or coffee.
  • can write in the morning a pleasant SMS.So it will not only remind of their existence, but also give a lot of positive emotions.You can
  • passed, ask his mood or chores.During a short conversation, people will appreciate, for example, your new dress or other attire.
  • How to make a man think of you?You can make a good impression on his friends.This is quite an effective way.If his friends turn to you, it is sure to help.After all, what other people, especially family, it is of great importance.In addition, you can surprise them with its beauty and erudition.

Jealousy - a good assistant in this matter

How to make a man think of you?Make it so that he began to be jealous.Certainly, jealousy - it's not a good feeling.But the extreme case is just what you need.You can give a man the ability to be jealous of you to any person.Such action could produce a positive result.Just do not overdo it, everything should be in moderation.The human psyche is such that jealousy makes us think about the "object" is constantly comparing themselves with other individuals.

dinner or an interesting psychological game

Another sure way - you can invite him to dinner.Of course, romantic.There is an opinion that it should be the only guys.You can break such a stereotype.It is only necessary to call a man to say that to cook something tasty, you'll be glad to see him for dinner.From the delicious food can not refuse any man.After all, as the saying goes, the road to the heart is through the stomach Man.For a delicious meal, you can add a bottle of champagne.Then, a romantic evening, he will remember for a long time.

How can you make a person think of you?Now we will tell about a powerful way, called "near-on."It literally helps bring a man mad.What do we have to do?Yes, everything is quite simple.It is only necessary to keep the person at arm's length.We first show that he had achieved everything, and then suddenly become treat him "cold".Let him reflect on what did not.Conversely, when he will feel indifference, show that it is expensive.If a person has moderate the game will interest to you.Just not much to flirt!

Common Cause and attention

How to make a person think of you?Find a common cause.For example, if he likes to run in the mornings, you can and you will do it.Joint jogging sure you close.Moreover, such activity will make a good impression on the person.So you let him know that he cares about his hobbies you're interested.In addition, your actions will not seem intrusive, you're doing just "for the company", that is their own.Doing so will cause a person of interest.He wants to get close.

Another way (and no less effective than the other) - pay attention to it, listen to it.When a woman is genuinely interested in the person, not only he speaks constantly about yourself, it's very nice.So do not feel sorry for time just companionship with a guy.First, it treats you as a friend, but then he realizes that between you can be more than just friendship.

How to make a person all the time to think of you in the distance?

There are many ways.Consider the most effective methods.The first - you can make him miss.If the person is not there, you involuntarily start to miss him.That's the psychology.To make a man miss for the duration damn.Let calls, but the phone did not take it.This method works at 100%.Of course, people will start to worry, thinking that you do not want to communicate with him.

wait some period of time and in a couple of days, dial your own number.Your calls will certainly be pleased.During this conversation, be sure to remember some pleasant meeting.After talking for a while people will think of you.

innovative ways for especially brave

Want remembered about you?Then borrow money in humans.Think in advance how much they can give.By the way, the more you will specify the long term, the longer will people think of you (this happens unconsciously).Of course, the money must be returned in time.When you return, be sure to thank the person most gentle words, that he felt that he did not borrow money to give, and saved from the terrible beast.It is important that people feel like a hero, like a fairy tale.

goal of this trick is to draw attention to yourself and leave a lot of pleasant emotions.You can borrow money even when they are not needed.Indeed, in this case it is important, not the amount, but it is the process itself, which will lead to the fact that people will remember you.

Will the power of thought

How to get the guy to think of you in the distance the power of thought?Now a closer look at these methods.Nowadays, the power of thought is not something fantastic.To use it, you do not need any special training or the daily workout.It should be understood that if strongly believe that all the necessary work.

first method

How to make a person think of you at a distance by using the power of thought?To do this, lie down and relax.Then you need to think about it.Try to visualize the energy channel between you.It is necessary to clearly see how your thoughts raised high, then dropped him.Then you have to imagine that the people thought about you.My heart has become warmer?It is possible that he really thought of you, and right at this moment is gaining an SMS message.

second method

How to make a loved one to think only about you?When going to be alone with him, then head over to mentally draw an invisible beam.Moreover, it should be straight forward guy in the forehead (as though it may sound funny).At the same moment to himself utter the phrase: "About reminds me constantly."These words should be repeated as long as they did not feel authentic.

The third way is possible to make a kind of "anchor".How exactly?Who will tell.It is necessary to teach the person to the same action.That is, every day, for example, to send him an SMS, or passing by his office, smiling.You can also think of another more suitable option for your situation.In this case, the most important thing - it is to turn such action into a habit.It will not take very much and a lot of time (about two weeks).

then abruptly stop such actions.That guy can beat the action of so-called "comfort zone."At first he did not understand what happened.Then start thinking about you and think, why you no longer do so (for example, ceased to send SMS in the morning).

indirect ways to implement such a plan will require someone who turns in a circle with the person that you're interested in.Its role is that it is constantly reminded him about you.And to do this he must quietly.For instance, accidentally mentioned that yesterday you helped him do some business.Another option - a thing that is needed this guy, there you have it.Perhaps this person calls you during a conversation with your boyfriend, to learn something.

As you know, a lot of variants.In this case, the most important thing - do not overdo it.If you will talk about too much, such conversations will cause the guy just unpleasant emotions.And hear your name, it will tremble.This will only spoil everything, so know the measure.

small conclusion

Now I understand how to get to think of myself any person.As you understand, there are a whole bunch of effective ways, from the most simple, extraordinary ending.In this case, the most important thing - to make an effort, and then everything will turn out!Good luck!