How is the minutes of a meeting of the labor collective

Paperwork in any enterprise (organization) provides for the establishment, registration and proper account of the necessary documents.This function is usually the responsibility of the Secretary-General is charged with one of the employees or personnel department.Among other papers report is considered one of the most important organizational and administrative documents.How and why is it created?Answer these questions should be gradual.

organization of meetings and preparation of protocol

Almost protocol (meetings, meetings, meetings, conferences, seminars) - a document that reflects the sequence of the discussion of the issues, the decisions documented and identified the timing of their execution.Minutes of the meeting of the staff is usually kept by the secretary of the meeting.He then prepares it accordingly and sends a signature Chairman.The mechanism of the procedure and organization of the meeting is quite simple.First we need to carry out preparatory work.This deals with the secretary.It must:

  1. agreed with the management agenda.In the discussion is usually taken out a few questions.The Secretary determines the sequence of their discussion in the light of the approved regulations.Then, with the agenda must be to familiarize all participants in the meeting and invited persons.
  2. Prepare a registration sheet.This document is the Secretary to make later in the record number of participants.
  3. distributed to participants abstracts of the presentations and reference materials (graphs, tables, economic calculation).The Secretary shall replicate existing documents and distribute them to all present.
  4. keep a detailed record of the progress of the meeting.
  5. Appropriately issue after the meeting minutes of the meeting of the labor collective and give it to inspect and approve the Chairman (head of the enterprise).

Such a document drawn up in accordance with the specific state standard.Minutes of the meeting of the staff, as well as any other consists of several parts:

1. Header.It contains:

  • name of the organization (JSC "Khimplast");
  • form (name) of the document (the "Protocol");
  • date and number;
  • place of the meeting (the minutes);
  • title ("Assembly of the staff").

2. Introduction.Here you specify: F. IO chairman of the meeting, its secretary, as well as present and invited persons.For example:

Chairman - Mikhailov SM

Secretary - Ivan I.

Present: Sidorov, R., Cat ST

Invitees: Director of "Rus" Petrov NK,Commercial director of "Color" Semenov TD

If the number of workers present in the hall, more than 15 people, recorded only the total number on the basis of the registration plate.

3. Summary.It certainly contains 3 components:

  • someone to "listen";
  • at the meeting "Presentations were made";
  • with the result that "Resolved" ("decided").

4. Registration.Ends minutes of the meeting of the labor collective signatures of the chairman and the secretary specifying the Full name and position.

to process all records usually takes some time, but no more than 5 days.After signing the minutes of the meeting of the staff takes full legal effect.Then, it must be communicated to all team members.To do this, make a copy and send the workers together with the sheet reference.

Different versions

drawing up minutes of the meeting of the staff, the Secretary chooses a sample of their own.If the agenda includes the establishment of various commissions and the approval of their composition, it is wise to slightly modify the basic part.A more logical and intuitive option would consist of the following parts:

  • «offered to choose";
  • «voted: za__, protiv__, vozderzhalis__";
  • «decision."

As such, the elections are held and the order of discussion of candidates will be more clear.The remaining components of the document can be left unchanged.

in a narrow range

You can see an example of minutes of the meeting of the labor collective, which present only employees of the company.In this case, there is no need to specify "invited" persons, and this point simply abolished.And if such a meeting is considered only one question, the document is executed in a simplified version.To see there is no need to distribute copies to all those present.In this case, the problem can be simplified.The Secretary may make an extract from the minutes and post it on the bulletin board.There results the meeting may be made available for all members of staff, including those who could not attend the meeting in person.This paper is a complete copy of the original document with the exception of the Chairman signature.Instead, it will be of assurance inscription secretary.