Which voice is in your child's head?

That voice, that we are talking with your child now will remain with him forever.It is this voice, he will speak with him as an adult.All the accusations, sermons, our dissatisfaction with them will be taken as the basis of his own attitude.

Will it sustain itself, encourage, whether his peremptory belief in their own power, as he will be kind to him and see if he can do to be kind to yourself, depending on what we are talking to him now.

my mother's voice, my mother's attitude, her mother's demands and expectations - is the parent of "I" that all life will serve as the "conscience" and will be "inner critic" for an adult.Will this support or inquisitor critic depends on us.

Parent speech and presentation of mom and dad about it for the child's absolute truth.As if God himself told him once and for all what it is and what it represents.

parents pledged to remake the core of the personality, recolor it is very difficult.And the more minutes in it and black, echoing spanning the abyss hole, the harder a person to rely on themselves.

Mom's faith and support, Dad's unconditional recognition of the beauty and charm of her daughter - is thus grow calm and confident women.

role of the father in the life of a girl - in support and recognition of its excellence.For girls daddy - the ideal man.Never reachable ideal.The wisdom of a father is to love his wife and daughter, but in different ways.To be with my wife a couple, lovers, two people who love each other.It is for these relations visible to the child, the girl will build a family.

A daughter to put faith in the fact that she is irresistible.Words can invest.The daughter sees her father's eyes femininity.His opinion - an opinion throughout the male half of humanity.Recognition of her beauty and femininity, plus unconditional support - this is what creates a deep sense of security and faith in themselves.

Mom's faith in his son, his courage and independence and at the same unconditional support when he needs help;Dad's respect and recognition - is what creates the core of the personality.Deep Feeling strong, full, true.This is what gives support and stability.Unshakable belief that the world loves you and will always support.

What will our children when we are no longer going to be?Our voice, the words that we have spoken to them in childhood.

our favorite phrase.What we repeated day after day.What we talked about in rage and despair of a great love and a desire to protect.

What we spoke of his helplessness.What we said, and we repeat, without hesitation, without understanding, because we need so all bring.

It is these phrases spoken by us with zeal and fervor in the full conviction in his righteousness, will build our child, when he grows up.

We can not podstelit straw for every situation that can happen to a child.In addition, parents complete and absurd, totally irrational fears.And in their desire to protect all living things we kill.

All parental messages that are for an adult insurmountable wall, were told of the great love and with one goal - to protect.

And you know what people stumble when they can not take a step, commit stupid things, and otherwise hamper poison your life?

to the parent message.

on the - "what you are" and "how are you".What you can afford and what is not.Do you have the intelligence, beauty, talent or not.

We are very much looking at yourself through the eyes of their parents.And they have already become adults, we prove that we can, will achieve and become.Some of us survives thanks, and some against it.

We are not all-powerful, but for the children we are gods.And that's our message, our children will build their entire lives.

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