Conspiracies potency

unlikely that a woman can feel happy if her partner is not all right with potency.And even if everything is in order, because maybe even better!So we decided to give our readers, Three People conspiracy to increase male power.

spoke first man should read the first Monday of every month for three months.Spell pronounced before going to bed and to slander a glass of water.The morning to drink a sip, and the remaining water poured over during washing.

"In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. At sea, the ocean, the island of Buyan growing tree is not a tree - Iron cypress. The wind does not break, hail does not bend, lightning incinerates. The roots of his strong, brancheshe damask. He stands amidst a sea-ocean - will not bend, do not peregnetsya, so would I, the servant of God (name), would stand seventy-lived and one lived, now and ever and ever and ever, amen. "

second plot should be read daily at bedtime until the desired result:

"In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. There sacred ocean-sea, in the holy ocean-sea is an island on the island is an oak damask,at that oak damask roots damask, the top of Damascus. The circle of oak damask wind will not bend, swirl not break. So would I, the servant of God (name), there were 70 cores and a single vein on the female face of the red girl on old women,young young women on sivyh mares. I, the servant of God (name), would be better than the old, the brave old that Turiy horn that spruce branch. And it would be a servant of God (name) ardent and bright on female lust, on a hollowrevenge, forever and ever, amen. "

last spell to be read out loud, but nobody should hear it.

"There is a mountain backbone. On that mountain there is a chair Kastsyan. At the chair Kostyan sitting king Kostya, leaning on her his crutch bone, hat on the head Kastsyan, mittens on the hands of Kostya and boots on their feet Kostyaev. And all the king, and all the73 cores Kostyaev, and becomes the conductor - a bone. So would I, the servant of God (name), all 73 cores and all 73 joints were Kostya and the whole Stanovoy would have lived had Kastsyan, and was she on zhue 100 times, and 1000inciting to a little place in the women's and girl's niftsu: the black, in the light brown, the red, the white and all - young and dilapidated month, and perekroynyh days. "

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