How to make fasting day for weight loss

begin with, how to arrange a fasting day right.It depends on the final result.Here, everything is important and morale and physical fitness, and good nutrition before and after.

Choose your convenient day.These are to be the day on the eve of which, or after it, and, respectively, chose day hikes are expected to visit, restaurants or other events, where it is assumed a satisfying meal.If you are always active rest at the weekend, the ideal would be to pick a day during the week, such as Tuesday or Wednesday.

arrange fasting days for weight loss can be from 1 to 4 times a month.Let this day you will be busy with something that will distract from thoughts about food and will not be tempted.Do not go to the grocery store, not to make impulse purchases and did not abandon his plans.

can offer someone to accompany you on this day, then you enlist more moral support.Together always fun and easier to overcome tasks.

What is the essence of this day

fasting day for weight loss involves a limitation in the amount of food consumed.In general, it is very similar to mono-diet, but in just one day, which is not harmful, but rather helps restore the body and improve health in general.

during unloading of the day, you can drink plenty of clean water, alternating with tea.Add the sugar in it or not, you decide in accordance with the task.If you want to prevent an increase or you have little to throw the weight of the sugar you can eat, but in limited quantities.In other situations, try to give it up altogether.

most effective fasting day out, if you are limited to 1-1.5 kg.any one product will drink only pure water.On the eve of the day discharge cut normal diet at lunch halfway night at 2/3.After him in the morning for breakfast and lunch, eat 2/3 of the normal portions.

But even if during the day you eat small portions of a single product, it does not pass in vain.The main thing to try to eat as much as you need to kill hunger.Let it be every half hour at 50-100 m., You can also alternate meal with an empty tea.


In the fasting day to lose weight should eat low-calorie foods - dietary and hypoallergenic.These include low-fat or low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini or squash, carrots, beets.From cereals to stay for buckwheat or rice without additives.

If you are very hard to give up the sweet, then stock up on dried fruit.They are sweet, pleasant taste and it can replace candy for tea.In addition, they are rich in vitamins and trace elements, so help maintain the balance of the vital elements at the appropriate level, without leading to exhaustion.People who are prone to excess weight, generally better to replace them candy, chocolate and other sweets, even on ordinary days.Within 1-2 months a waiver of other sweets in favor of dried fruits can be a pleasant surprise.

In the fasting day diet you can eat muesli or cereal multizlakovye without icing.In the dry form, they are not all like, but you can fill them with low-fat yogurt, but milk is not desirable.

that can be hoped

arranging regular fasting days, you can easily keep yourself in the desired shape, to fight excess weight and greatly improve overall health.

For easy handling of the day you can lose between 100 and 500 grams.weight, with proper entrance and exit.To keep the result and subsequent weight loss for each such day, it is advisable to make friends with the sport.

Optional exhausting themselves long training.It is possible to do regular (2-3 times a week) visit to the pool or doing 5-6 exercises for different muscle groups each day.