General rules for writing statements

Each person faces in his life to writing applications.This can be a statement of employment, dismissal, transfer to another position, or any other.Not to mention the numerous papers that have to write in the hospitals, the tax office, banks and other institutions.And the person immediately raises the question of whether there are some general rules of writing the application.

application form

nice that almost all institutions, especially large offices and public institutions, have their own application forms for all occasions.Samples to fill, as a rule, put on public display in a prominent place.The same pattern is observed for admission to any organization which has a working staff of more than 3-4 people: here, too, there are examples of applications in each case.So if you offer to write a statement on the sample or fill the column to the finished form, it is better to agree on the proposal and did not come up with something of his own.Each organization has its own rules for writing the application.And if you do not follow them, your documents will not be accepted.Sometimes, such a refusal is illegal, but it is much easier to accomplish local documentation requirements than three months to prove in court that the employees of the organization were wrong.

Rules for application under USORD

There is a single unified system of organizational and administrative documentation, or briefly USORD.It is not necessary for the performance of all organizations, but clerks are often used as set out in the standard requirements for documents.

By USORD compilation starts with writing the statements caps, which specifies the personal data of the applicant and the head of the organization.The word "statement" is written in the upper left corner, opposite the cap, the same reference number of the document specified.Next is the text at the end and the date of signature of.

General requirements

However, sometimes there are situations when you need to write an application without sample and without a finished form.Is there anything in this case, some rules for writing the application?It turns out there, but they are not enshrined in law in any of the Code.Rather, it is the rules of business ethics, the implementation of which helps the parties understand each other.So, what should be in your application:

1. reference number and date.Optional condition, but this information helps track the movement of the instrument.

2. Cap the information: who addressed the paper and from whom.

3. narrative.

4. motivation part.It is written when required.It specifies the sources that confirm the validity of your claims.

5. The operative part.It describes what you want to get a result.

6. The list of applications.

7. Signature and date.

The statement should be no foul language, because it gives a legal right not to consider the document.

Finally, the general rules of writing the statements do not provide for registration of a document strictly in writing or in print.In a statement in writing should only be signed, and everything else - at the discretion of the applicant.