Tea "Earl Grey" - the king of tea

We know hundreds of different drinks.And tea, of course, the most popular of all.3000 years there is a tradition to drink this drink, and modern man is hard to imagine my life without him.The most beloved and popular tea is considered "Earl Grey".


drink is a mixture of several kinds of tea and aromatic oils of bergamot.The first mentions of it are found in China, local residents prepared sweet drink to taste, mix it with rose petals and jasmine.It is believed that it got its name from the Earl - Charles Gray.According to one of the many versions of the tea was a gift of a famous Chinese mandarin as a reward for saving his son after a shipwreck.According to another version, I was not saved by the Chinese playboy and India, the son of the Raja, and not from the wreck, and on land in the jungle.Letters and other sources of information also suggest that the tea "Earl Grey" with bergamot Earl was just presented to the Second and later became associated with it.

first mention of the drink, according to research, met in 1824.More recently, oil of bergamot used to improve the taste of low quality tea.Therefore, it is unlikely that Charles Gray recommended it.

Tea "Earl Grey": the composition and properties

two main ingredients of the drink are bergamot oil and black tea leaves.In many cases, a drink flavored with oil, and is sometimes used for this purpose bergamot zest.The use of oil is considered to be more appropriate.It improves the immune system, activates the vitality and energy that evokes creativity, improves concentration memory.Just one cup a day has a calming effect, but tea "Earl Grey" increases mental activity.It helps to concentrate during stress, stimulates focus and attentiveness.With regular use of beverage improves the function of cardiovascular system.It cleanses the liver, normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.The drink is remarkable and its positive properties for the skin - removes freckles, pimples, spots.It smooths wrinkles and rejuvenates.

tea blends Black tea "Earl Grey" is a blend of three varieties - Indian, Chinese, Ceylon.But the taste and pleasant aroma of this does not change a lot.Everyone can choose their form of tea.Someone close mixture of Indian and Ceylon tea with bergamot oil, and for someone with better Chinese fruit peel.

very popular, especially among the female half of the drink, "Lady Grey", a kind of "Earl Grey".He has a slight citrus flavor, very refreshing and relaxing.Fragrant, black or light with the addition of lemon peel and orange.Its good to drink in the morning or afternoon.

most expensive teas harvested in the best tea plantations and are grown in the mountains.They were collected in early spring, the very first collection of tea is considered the most valuable.Natural drink has a high price, since its cultivation took a lot of work, technology is very time-consuming and complex.So grow and different blends "Earl Grey".Tea, description and composition of which were mentioned above, produced not only in plantations in China, India, and there are decent American firms that produce a "Earl Grey".It Bigelow Tea Company and Stash Tea.Production own teas deals and France - Company Grand Jardin is a leader.

How to brew?

Regardless of teas cooking rules are very simple.It is best to use bottled water, a dish for a drink to choose porcelain or earthenware.Maker must first be parboiled.For each kind of drink its water temperature is selected, for black varieties is the ideal temperature of 90-100 degrees.Proportion - one teaspoon per cup of water.When properly brewed tea "Earl Grey" turns out very fragrant, tart, without bitterness and transparent.Steeping time - from 1 to 7 minutes.As a sweetener with bergamot well will combine honey."Earl Grey" stores the rich taste of the infusion for 3-5.

only need to drink fresh tea, if it is more than 4 hours, from him more harm than good.But do not think that because this drink is so useful, you should drink it in large quantities.It is recommended to drink 3-4 cups a day.