How to decorate a room on February 14 with his own hands?

Valentine's Day - a special day for all lovers.I would like everything to be perfect, from gifts to planning a holiday.You can think of a lot of options where to spend the day, for example, go to the cafe, cinema or the ice rink.And you can arrange a romantic dinner at home.Those who prefer the last option, should think carefully about how to decorate a room for February 14.After all, there is nothing that does not affect the creation of romantic atmosphere as the beautiful design of the room.

Choose a variety of colors

very important in the design of the house for the holiday is the right color scheme.A traditional option - to decorate a room for February 14 accessories made in red.Scarlet, purple, cherry - such great colors help to create a romantic atmosphere.In addition, you can use white and pink - they talk about the purity and sublime feeling.These colors can be made any decoration: candles, cards, balloons.In any case, it will be very nice.

bedrooms decorated in shades of these will help to awaken sensuality.Flirty pink or scarlet searing make the holiday atmosphere is particularly exciting.Especially if you choose the bedding of these colors.

adorn the walls: garlands and photos

One of the most popular and easy options to decorate a room for February 14 with his own hands, is to use beautiful holiday garlands.They can be bought in the store - on the market today there are many such ornaments to suit every taste.In addition, you can make garlands and himself.However, this option would require free time and certain skills.But the decoration, made with his own hands, will be the most original and genuine.

can recall another option is to decorate a room for February 14.Photo with the image of the most touching moments of your romantic relationships can also serve as decoration for the holiday.To do this, you can hang on a wall collage of colorful hearts and decorate it and touching words.And it is not just an element of decor, but a kind of love story, captured in pictures.And to decorate a room for February 14, a photo can be issued in the form of colorful garlands.It can be decorated, for example, red and pink ribbons.

Decoration with balloons and flowers

One of the nicest ideas on how to decorate a room on February 14, is the use of balloons.They create an indescribable atmosphere of the holiday.Very impressive balloons filled with helium.Like dancing on the ceiling, they can enjoy the atmosphere of lightness and celebration of the senses.

Garlands and various compositions from balloons - another answer to the question "how to decorate a room for February 14".Photos of these ideas can be easily found in specialty shops that are engaged in the organization of holidays.Heart or inscription of balls - it is very beautiful, but, unfortunately, quite expensive.However, for the design of the room can be used and the most common balls.It is better if they are in the shape of hearts, and, of course, do not forget about the traditional holiday colors of red, pink and white.

make out the room with fresh flowers

continuing relevance and decoration with fresh flowers.To some, this option may seem trivial, but the design of the room with rose petals always fascinated and captivated.After all, what could be better than fresh flowers?And besides, it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to decorate the bedroom.

Very impressive looks and bath, strewn with flower petals.For lovers of joint water treatment it would be a good option, especially if you use scented candles and scented bubble bath.

hearts and valentines

main attribute of Valentine's Day cards have traditionally been considered in the form of hearts - valentine.They can be bought in every shop, but it is much better to make them yourself.It's very simple, and also on these cards, you can write the most personal and sincere congratulations.

great option will be hearts, in the technique of origami.Very beautiful crafts volume of red or pink paper.Touching and graceful, they are more eloquent than any words to explain in love.How to decorate a room for February 14 such hearts?Very easy!They can be attached to the mirror or hang on the wall, decorate their holiday table or artistically scattered on the bed.

Serving holiday table

question "how to decorate a room for February 14" is obviously very important.But all efforts will be in vain without the exquisite design of the festive table.After a romantic dinner - it is an integral part of the evening.A beautiful table setting will make it even more enjoyable.The table can be covered with fine cloth.And it must not necessarily be snow-white.You can choose a tablecloth with a beautiful pattern, or decorated with silver threads.

Do not forget the candles.By the way, they can be done by hand.Very unusual and beautiful orange candle would.To prepare the fruit should be cut in half and carefully remove all the pulp.One of the halves and pour the melted wax to insert a small candle.And then cover with the second part of the orange.This candle will not only emit a soft light, but also appreciate a pleasant aroma.

today can be found in the sale of all kinds of accessories in the shape of hearts.Fine napkin holders, plates and spoons complement the overall picture and help make the evening truly romantic.This can not be limited to only serving.In the form of the heart can be issued, and some dishes, such as salads or luxurious cake.By the way, it is not necessary to wait for the evening to tell about their feelings.Scrambled eggs and toast heart will tell them not worse.The most important thing - to approach this lesson in love.

And finally ...

Today you can find plenty of ideas on how to decorate a room for February 14 with his hands.Photos of design options presented in this article, inspired and inspiring.All these elements will help create a romantic atmosphere of love and be in a fairy tale, but the main decoration will probably love itself.

happy gleam in his eyes, a faint blush, delicate recognition - these items without which a celebration can not take place.And to decorate the house and make each other surprises can and should be not only a holiday, but in any of the usual days.