Safety in the car, train.

Ensuring the protection of their lives and health is the first priority of every person.To do it, you must know and comply with certain sequence of actions specific to each particular zone of being a citizen.So, let's talk about what the rules of safety in the car.Such recommendations can be extremely useful not only for the car owner, but also for its passengers.

rules for driver

Of course, most of the safety rules to be observed in the vehicle owner of the vehicle and its driver.Most active road users prefer to adhere to two basic postulates, respect speed limits and to follow established on the road signs.This decision was fully justified and affects the security of the most positive way.However, this terminology is too general and difficult to understand, because it contains a large number of the following parts:

  • Try to observe the total flow rate.
  • little excessive speed can also cause a serious accident.
  • Accurate assessment of the forces of the driver and vehicle status.
  • Accounting for current weather conditions and characteristics of the road.
  • rank the actions of other road users.

rules for passenger

safety regulations in the car should be not only the driver but also to passengers.So, the most appropriate requirements to which it is recommended to listen to citizens responsible, are as follows:

  • should not ride in an overloaded vehicle (with an excess of transported things or people);
  • mandatory use of personal protective equipment, safety belts, car seats for children and other appliances;
  • to remain calm, not to carry out actions that could result in damage to the car or the driver violation of traffic rules;
  • take adequate steps to protect their lives and health in case of force majeure.


separate question should relate to such topics as the observance of safety rules in the vehicle for the carriage of children aged 10-12 years.According to the requirements of common sense and current legislation, every motor vehicle in which there are children, must be fitted with a special device called "car seat".Installing an optional security seats for babies can be made completely on any machine except for:

  • sports cars;
  • special vehicle development;
  • double car.

Many parents question of what children's car seats differ from regular seats in the car?First of all it should be noted a verified and accurate fixing position of the body.The second - the presence of additional security features, providing reliable protection against shocks.

protection from criminal acts

Safety in the car mean not only assess the state of the road for potential accidents, but also of other dangers.So, to protect their lives and property from robbery or criminal assault, you will be able, subject to the following basic rules:

  • try not to go for unknown disadvantaged areas with a bad crime situation;
  • keep your distance when parking and driving a car, not to be trapped, locked in several ways;
  • regularly check the technical condition of the vehicle;
  • if your machines are near the suspicious person with aggressive intentions, do not enter into conflict with them, please contact the relevant services for the solution of the problem situation;
  • monitor the fuel level;
  • monitor the situation on the road through the rear-view mirror;
  • do not leave your car keys to strangers, to engage in self parking their own vehicle;
  • inform loved ones about the route of your trip, as well as its approximate time frame.

Why is this important?

Why do you need a car to follow safety rules?Remember that such measures ensure the safety of your life and your health, as well as the status of persons around you.Part of the requirements fixed in the SDA, while others are determined exclusively by logic, common sense and the level of education of any particular individual.

The machine assumes some responsibility not only to the driver but also the passengers, it must be clearly remembered.In the event of an unintended situation, all members of the movement should take collective measures to protect the life, health.

Rules train

quite superfluous to know not only the rules of safety in the car, but the train.When traveling in this vehicle you'll be a passive participant in the process, that is a passenger.At the same time you also need to follow certain recommendations to ensure the safety of your health:

  • not jump into a moving car, wait until it stops, and only then enjoy a loading of things;
  • do not put heavy luggage on the top shelf, remove it by sleeping seats, these measures reduce the risk of injury due to shock;
  • provide storage of personal belongings in close proximity to you, in a constant field of view;
  • no contact with the unknown, do not join in the debate and any dispute shall be settled by using the police or the conductor, if you spend the night in the compartment, be sure to close the door from the inside;
  • not lean out of the windows open and do not try to leave the train through the door on the move;
  • observe calm and orderly.

General safety in the car, train, plane and other vehicles for the most part one.The main responsibility for the situation when the driver is moving, but each passenger must adequately assess the risks and do not forget that the health and, most importantly, his own life in his own hands.If you are not sure of the successful outcome of travel for some external reason, better give up the trip and pick up an alternative way to travel.If you are still in doubt about the need to observe the rules of safety in the car, photos of various accidents necessarily tell you about the possible tragic consequences.