What reads Article 132 of the Criminal Code?

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Do you know what the worst nightmare today haunts almost every parent?Surely, you know ... That's why today almost everywhere near the child is one of the adults.And if the baby is in the sandpit at the house alone, the neighbors have the right to express his or her parents, accusing them of failure to perform their duties.

But a generation of people not much older than the average age still remember how rushed the yard until dark, no one and nothing to fear as long as the windows could not hear drawl: "Miiiishka!Home "or" Tanya, let's go to dinner! ".

About 132 Art.The Criminal Code, few people knew then, of course, if it was not for work related to the protection of the rule of law.It is difficult to say whether the crime was less than, or less than around them conducted conversations, but the fact remains.We walked, no fear, and even the parents of first-graders are not escorted to school.And about the security at the entrances to the child care then never heard.

Today, the media are just filled with reports of violent actions against the youngsters.There's teacher (!) Forced (it is not a single story!) To commit a sexual act teenagers, threatening them with violence or bribing anything, and then the young man used the helpless condition of the girl who has not attained the age of 14, placing it in the drink a potent hypnotic drug.

These examples - the most "soft" of all those crimes which "swarm" of our media.And sentences for such crimes Article 132 of the Criminal Code provides for a minimum - only 3 to 6 years.Therefore, parents of the victims to learn the terrible truth, usually try to hide it.Moreover, to prove that the crime - a problem not of their lungs.

And that kid, sexually abused, for life is left with a broken psyche seems a little worried about the creators of law in Russia.Well, that is 6 years in prison - and the fate of a broken child?And more and more often the children are taken home maimed themselves to arms, in order to enforce its own judgment - simply kill the rapist.

In the social network "Odnoklassniki.ru" users was put up for a vote this status: "Death to the rapists of children!".They voted for him more than 156,000 people.But, the authorities have not responded.Article 132 of the Criminal Code remains unchanged.

little more strict is the law in relation to sexual offenses, if committed by a group and conspiracy associated with the threat of murder or committed with extreme rigidity, resulting in sexually transmitted infection of the victim.There is an article 132 of the Criminal Code says that bad people can get right up to 10 years in prison!And only in the case of death, they may be sentenced to a fifteen-year period.

If a person has an incurable cancer is detected, then it is cut without delay.The rapist is engaged in sexual activities with respect to the child, can there be a better turn magically into a normal citizen after "his release"?Someone else believes in reincarnation mentally ill individual in the good citizen?But Article 132 of the Criminal Code involves just such an option.

Moreover, talk shows on television, which dealt with similar cases, and all the normal shock of Russian citizens.After all, they not only condemn the perpetrators as adjudicates all: negligent parents who do not meet the ten-year daughter from school, teachers who do not carry out extra-curricular activities on the theme: "Beware everyone and everything in their home country!Do not say, do not listen, do not believe, do not help anyone, who would not you asked - what if this is the rapist who is hiding under the guise of "lamb"! ".Even the victims themselves are "under fire"!The motto of condemning "truth-seekers" in the latter case are the lines from the song: "Because you can not be beautiful like that!".

Or maybe you simply revise the outdated law 132 of the Criminal Code, not only to decrease the term of the age "minority", but on the contrary - in the direction of increasing the punishment to any abuser who has chosen his human sacrifice to still unformed psyche?