Fashionable staining 2014: preparing for the New Year

Ombre, shatush, brondirovanie at the peak of popularity.What to choose and where to do it?Read!

Forget foil and a funny hat, modern dyeing techniques are performed in the open air and give a stunning effect blonde!We offer you a review of techniques masthead 2013-14 year!

OMBRE - a hit in 2014!

First of all, pay attention to the incredibly popular form of highlighting OMBRE.

What is : This is an innovation introduced by L`Oreal, without exaggeration, to conquer the world.Ombre should try every girl that monitors the world of fashion.

What is the : this staining technique is a smooth transition of color from dark to light.The original hair color can range from pale to light brown light brown.Typically, one or two selected hue.A darker shade made from the roots, gradually blowing out it to the end.

This is : and blonde and brunette.This type of staining will help those who do not wish to change dramatically, but wants to bring the exterior of something new, bright and glamorous.

Benefits : by staining Ombre, you can not go wrong in the trends and find yourself at the height of fashion.

• eye gives hair volume.

• roots grow and shape of hair does not spoil,

• provides a natural and harmonious result does

• appearance expressive and impressive.


Passion for brondirovanie (or "California" highlights) did not subside for several consecutive seasons.This technique has come to us from Hollywood.This Hollywood beauty entered the fashion effect "burned" Hair: Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts loyal fans BROND staining.

What is : the name "BROND" combines English brown (brown - brown) and blond (blond - blond).It is important to understand that BROND - not color, and tasteful combination of colors.Shades for brondirovanie selected professional colorist.The more colors selected for brondirovanie, the more voluminous, deep, relief is obtained overall hair color, shimmering in the sun range of honey, golden and chocolate tones.

What is the : this type of dyeing is the most laborious, but the most spectacular!It combines modern techniques of dyeing and coloring.The basis is the existing hair color.The first stage - without highlighting brush foil with a space from the roots.The next stage of the wizard selects natural colors based on the color of the eyes, skin and performs coloring.Typically, this 2-3 colors, differing from each other at a pitch of 1-2.The result is a stunning effect of glare, glare - hair like shimmer.

Benefits : an undeniable advantage BROND is gorgeous looking hair.Even without professional styling hair will look well-groomed and seductive, as if you've just returned from the Cote d'Azur!


• BROND gives a woman the opportunity to look younger

• gives the hair not only beautiful - there is a magnificent volume and the hair seems thicker

• hair begins to sparkle and look very natural

Stylists salon Christian Morel went ahead andOmbre offer to merge with brondirovanie, iebrondirovanie and perform in the latter stages to darken the hair at the roots.The effect is stunning!And for the girls who are not afraid to be the center of attention, there are creative options brondirovanie: a line of transition from one color to another can be made clear, which adds contrast and sharpness of the image.


And, of course, impossible to ignore shatush - French highlighting technique that helps brunettes article brighter and effectively.

What is : highlighting shatush gives as close to a natural shade.Often shatush painting is called "Kiss of the Sun" for the gentle sun glare on the hair.If brondirovanie happening surround lighting strands, during shatush lightens thin strands that ultimately gives light airy effect.The roots are darker shade, thereby achieving color depth and clarified sections give extra volume and shine.

What is the : during the application shatush master draws on natural hair sun glare with transitions from dark to light.All the hair is divided into strands of a width of about 2 cm., Fix the clamps and tease.Further, at a predetermined angle to apply the paint.Usually the hair roots is superimposed colors that are darker than the main tone of 1-1.5.

then the entire length of the strands unevenly shaded clarifying agent.Through this multi-layered coloring shatush gives a stunning visual effect of depth and dimension.Mixture for preparing each client individually, taking into account the desired result.The frequency of such highlighting - not more than 1 time in 3 months, as all lines shade and no clear boundaries in the regrowth of hair.

This is : Equipment shatush effectively looks like on long and short hair.Suitable for brunettes and blondes, but all the same effect on light hair appliances shatush little lost, while a dark and blond hair in front, shatush provide additional volume and light blonde effect.

This beautiful way of highlighting can be used to hide the regrown after dyeing hair roots, to camouflage gray hair, as well as to eliminate the consequences of previous failures coloring and highlighting, to give hair volume and relief.Shatush guarantees a very smooth and beautiful background clarification, which does not require additional toning.

Benefits : highlighting shatush passed the test of time and stylists all countries, but it has not lost its relevance.This is not surprising because shatush:

• refreshes the complexion

• hide gray hair

• in each case is unique looks

• visually increases the volume of the hair, making them lush and thick.

• do not require frequent hair coloring, as regrowth does not stand out.

Ideally, when shatush should turn unevenly bleached hair, which at the same time look natural, because there is no sharp contrasts in color.However, this effect can be achieved only by experienced master, who can properly pull the strands, to select the optimal brush pressure during application and to determine the time of clarification.So trust your hair professionals only.

Thank you for your help in preparing to become a specialist salon Christian Morel - Olga Lebedinsky.