Lake Sarez - bomb

Lake Sarez is called a true treasure mountain region, which are hidden from the world in the depths of Badakhshan.To this day, this place is deserted and lifeless, and to reach it - an incredibly difficult task.Lake landscapes of great beauty costly Tajik people, as occurred due to the influence of destructive forces of nature.

story of Lake Sarez

For centuries raging mountain river Murghab proceeded along the steep gorge at the foot of the Pamirs Muzkol.But one cold winter night in 1911 was a strong earthquake, which resulted in a huge piece of rock broke off and its numerous debris piled located below the small settlement - village Usa.By the force of earth tremors this large-scale collapse is the most devastating of those that have occurred over the past century.

River flows were suspended resulting in a natural way the dam and gradually fill the mountain gorge.The result was a very young lake in the world, nestled among picturesque mountains, which started to grow fast enough.And after 6 months it would cause flooding of the village Sarez, which was 20 km upstream of the dam.The settlement was forever hidden waters of the lake, which was named after the village.Abandoning their homes, belongings and gardens, the surviving residents have settled in another place, and the lake has since became known as the Sarez.Its length is about 60 km and depth - 500 m. Lake Sarez is located at 3240 m above sea level.

severe temper mountain lake

natural lake landscapes are reasonably severe temper while calming silence.It is unlikely that in this place the powerful earth tremors shook the mountain.However, Lake Sarez is not quiet what it may seem at first glance.Sometimes there are small landslides, under which part of the rock crumbling into the water, forming a high water column.After a short time the lake surface calms down and again triumphs majestic silence.

interesting feature of the highlands is the fact that, thanks to the transparent and thin air, the landscape looks very sharp and clear, even those that are located at a distance from the observer.

deserted place

Lake Sarez is often called lifeless as the surrounding area, which is approximately 90 km2, completely deserted.The closest village to the lake is located about 200 km on east direction above the Murghab River.Along the lower reaches to the village Bartang also need to overcome, at least 150 km.Rarely here climb even hunters and geologists, researchers, and even then only during the summer.

Local Tajiks allowed rumors that in the winter you can see the legendary Bigfoot.Although its existence has not been registered and confirmed, is always a lot of people who are willing to believe that a miracle shaggy lives in this harsh place, so the history of acquaintance with him continue to tell local hunters and shepherds still.

Features mountain-lake landscapes

This lake is located in the Pamirs between the eastern highlands and glacier terrain Badakhshan with its high rocky ridges and fast rivers.Streams flow in deep gorges, which rarely get sunlight.These mountain-lake landscapes are distinguished by their contrasts.Mountain vegetation in the form of wormwood and small shrubs with thorns characterized by low diversity.The natural pattern is changing in the lower levels of the valley because of the growing in many gardens villages apples, apricots, grapes and melons.

Pamirs, which means "roof of the world" in the east is a plain place at an altitude of 4 km, which is encircled by a powerful 7.6-kilometer-long mountain ranges.And even the clouds are located just below the place.The air is extremely dry, and is rare in these parts, as the rain, not even able to get on the earth's surface: the droplets disappear, dries in the air.

for the fate of Lake Sarez are experiencing hydrogeologists

Lake Tajikistan distinguished for its beauty and picturesque, but only one of them is a feeling of anxiety and worry.Very worried about the fate of Lake Sarez hydrogeologists researchers.In case of breaking the 700-meter high dam powerful torrents swept away everything in its path, including trees, clumps of rocks and built bridges people, small villages and entire cities.If the hanged in the mountains of bomb explode, it would be unimaginable in scale disaster today.

numerous concerns related to the fact that this kind of logjam lake belongs to the type.As you know, all of these bodies of water, sooner or later break out of the mountain of captivity.Worried not only local authorities in Tajikistan, but also the entire world community.The dangerous situation can be located even at a distance the valley of the Amu Darya and Panj.Seriously could suffer population of the four countries, namely Tajikistan itself, as well as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Bomb: conflicting opinions

Lake Sarez could pull to prevent the grand disaster and use it for the benefit of natural strength.For example, to use waterways for agricultural purposes - for irrigation and the generation of electrical energy.Quite the opposite view is held by some scientists and researchers who believe that Usoy Dam - a strong natural dam that can exist for a long time.

Efforts to reduce the risks

large lakes located at such heights, always cause some concerns.Realizing the real consequences that may result from the collapse of the Cutoff, the Tajik authorities appealed to the international community.Since 2000, projects have been deployed international scale in order to reduce the risks associated with collapse.

Sarez Lake on the map has impressive dimensions compared with some other water bodies of the state.But despite that, thanks to modern monitoring systems with special seismic sensors, made possible the timely notification of any geological changes that can lead to breakage.Certain information work was also carried out among the population.Local residents told how you must behave in unexpected situations.

How not to wake the "sleeping dragon"?

Map lakes in Tajikistan is quite a variety of sizes of objects and some other parameters of the water system of the state.One of the largest lakes in the picturesque and dangerous called Sarez.It is also called "sleeping dragon," or "time bomb."To date, the volume of the mountain reservoir can hold a 16 cubic kilometers of water, which are located 3 kilometers above sea level.Slowly and in small trickles of water seeping through the dam in the form of numerous springs.But as they say, water wears away the stone, and in the case of the destruction of the dam created by nature already after 6:00 water masses reach the Aral Sea, filling it to the brim.

ideas for solving the problem have been offered very different.Among the options mentioned special pumps pumping water, but this method is very expensive.Not a cheap option is also dug 20-km tunnel for the fusion of water flows into a nearby valley.Offered is also very dangerous and risky ways, for example, analysis of the top of the dam or the demolition of the mountain that looms over the lake and could collapse in the event of earth tremors.There were commercial offers to sell water of the Iranian state and the construction of the tunnel for the income earned.Real output has not yet been found.

unique natural attraction - Lake Sarez - a corner of the wild unspoiled nature of the surrounding rocky reddish-brown ridges.Despite the potential risks, a trip to this region is remembered for a long time.Map lakes of Tajikistan is a rather mixed picture.In addition to the lakes there are also two large reservoirs - Kayrakum and Nurek.