Workplace head STO

Car service - it is a business that for many years quite rapidly evolving demand and has good prospects.At present, replace a large number of service stations Car came professionals who compete in the roar, providing a good level of maintenance services at affordable prices.

trends of modern service centers are such that the raised car park needs more qualified service and repair.STO To be successful and profitable, it needs a responsible and competent leader.The best option in this case - a man who knows firsthand the work of the station, and he had worked at the station.For such a leader organization of the workplace for every employee he will be in force, and there is a guarantee that everything will be done rationally and as comfortably as possible.

In addition, the presence of the head of my own experience it will be easy to control the quality of the repair work, as well as the profitability of the station.And the proper organization of the workplace plays a major role in the final result.Active participation in the organization of production of the competent expert to create a professional team to provide excellent service and extensive customer base.

Labour leader STO does not give specific quantifiable, its contribution to the development of the case it is impossible to estimate, because everything here is kept on it.The rational organization of the workplace will help mitigate the increased mental stress, because his work - this is not just personnel management and make important operational decisions in the short term.

The director of the station, and mental work requires a long time, and No limit.Proper organization of the workplace will not only help to work efficiently, but will also positively influence the image of the entire station.It is no secret that in order for an organization to be successful, it must have a positive reputation among customers.

What is included in a specific work schedule head of SRT?Meetings and meetings account for 65% of the time, phone calls - about 6%, view documentation - about 22%, 7% of inspections of vehicles.The meetings, which were not scheduled, must also be considered, and they take approximately 7%, to rest actually accounts for only 2% of the time.The rational organization of the workplace will soften the tight schedule the head of SRT.

It must be technically well-equipped.The workplace also involves the organization of information security and personal security chief.Director table set, as a rule, opposite the entrance door or a little obliquely.

If you are dealing with a client, it must clearly see your achievements.When designing the cabinet leave a favorable place where reflect personal achievements in the sphere of production.Hang in the office of the beautiful, the same color of the frame with a certificate of registration stations, diplomas and various incentives.

Ensure that the certification of the station was not overdue, and with a fresh renewal date.If you are working with insurance companies, put on the same wall of the documents on the conclusion of the contract with you about cooperation.Emphasize that what you value as quality of work performer.Note that the SRT workers are necessarily specialized courses and have the appropriate certificates, as the pace of development and success of the service station is directly proportional to depend on the availability of qualified personnel.

Organization and servicing jobs requires a good climate, and especially the temperature and humidity conditions.Good air conditioning, humidifier and ionizer.

Workplace and suggests the creation of adequate lighting.Filled with natural sunlight increases the working space activity.If the light is not enough, install additional power with soft dim light, thus stick to the accepted norms of illumination.

Organization and servicing jobs implies protection from possible loss of confidential information directly from the head office station.

In order to be aware of all automotive innovations and to allow rapid communication with partners, will need a good leader, and modern software.It is necessary for the transmission of invoices, delivery notes, calculations, and operational cooperation with insurance companies and business partners.

to quickly solve the working moments at the station, you need a well-coordinated work of telephone and radio communications between repair shops and spray booth.It is advisable to switch the director, because on it is possible to talk with several specialists at the same time.You can also set the answering machine backup.

Management Station, as well as its qualified personnel, corporate culture, and reasonable prices - these are the requirements that must comply with modern service, and it depends on the person responsible.