Stylish new spring-summer collection 2014 from AVI, FixDesign and Bella Potemkina - holiday feminine romance

Delicate, feminine and romantic, but at the same time stylish vintage and modern clothes never go out of fashion, always remaining a symbol of beauty and youth.

Today we tell you about the new spring-summer collection 2014 from AVI, FixDesign and Bella Potemkina, models from which you can see in our gallery.

Group "Factory" will perform on Victory Day in dresses in the style of the 1940s

Girls from the group "Factory" annually participate in the gala concert dedicated to the Victory Day.This year was no exception.By the execution of the songs of the war years the actress prepared with special trembling, so for them every detail: the vocals, and the staging and costumes.

As it turned out, to find a dress that would correspond to the spirit of the era of the 1940s and still look modern and contemporary - a real problem.

the aid group "Factory" came the designer Bella Potemkin.Her new collection of spring-summer 2014 «Women`s fantasies about happiness» is made in the traditional style of the brand "modern vintage".

Each model from Bella Potemkina emphasizes femininity and grace - dresses made of light, flying fabrics, suits, trimmed with lace, flirty blouses and skirts make the image crisp and bright.

to the song Victory Day could not have fit perfectly form-fitting dress to the knee with a print in the form of small flowers and exquisite brooches.Clothing harmoniously complement the room and looked impressive from the scene.

AVI new collection Spring-Summer 2014

Spring-summer collection AVI created for outstanding personalities, radiating charm, energy and charm.All models have created a well-known and young designers who prefer to be discreet.

Clothing AVI from the highest quality fabrics infinitely pleasing to the touch and give a sense of comfort for long-term wear.

One of the leitmotifs of the collection - Delft pattern, which is a symbol of the Dutch city of Delft, and from the 17th century, used for the famous porcelain painting.Dresses decorated with Delft pattern, highlight the beauty of the skin and allow you to create a romantic feminine image.

Brand AVI created in memory of Auguste Victor Ivory, who was born in a small Dutch town in the late XIX century.Not having received higher education, Augusts childhood differed inquisitive mind, hard work and perseverance.At 23, Ivory emigrated to America, and by the age of 40 opened a profitable business.

Being a successful entrepreneur, Augusts with a deep respect for the creative individuals and helped to achieve recognition of many artists, writers and fashion designers.

Heirs Ivory brand founded AVI, which became a kind of hymn to creativity, self-fulfillment and the pursuit of goals.

new collection by Italian brand FixDesign

motto spring-summer collection from FixDesign - elegance and ease in every detail.

to create clothes were chosen solely cozy soft cloth and gently warm shades.Elegant tops, dresses, denim shorts by hand decorated with ruffles, sequins, crystals or decorative pearls.

Each model of the new collection features a soft cut and refined lines, creating attractive feminine silhouette.A wide selection of bags, as presented FixDesign, is intended to assist in the completion of the charming summer image.

Photo source: AVI, FixDesign, Bella Potemkina