GAZ-3309: specifications, reviews, prices, photos

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Gorky Automobile Plant - one of the largest producers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Russia.In Soviet times, he produced several models of medium cars, among which was the GAZ-53.His successors in the 90 years became the model 3307 and its diesel version 3309. Today we look at what has GAZ-3309 specifications, design, beauty and high cost.


"Appearance" diesel "lawns" virtually indistinguishable from the appearance of its gasoline counterpart.The difference is only in the presence of pipe-inlet (GAZ-3309), which took place along the hood and the cockpit window frame.With this element diesel truck could overcome the deepest water hazards as air to the engine it was precisely because of this pipe, which is at the height of 2 meters.Plus - huge wheels and ground clearance.As we can see in the photo, GAZ-3309 by today's standards is very austere design.However, as they say many drivers, truck first important technical indicators: if the machine will generate real profit, its appearance will go by the wayside.

The cab successor 53rd "lawns" virtually unchanged.On the truck has all the same round headlights, recognizable steel bumper, an elongated hood and classic metal step that eased the way to the driver's cabin.

Judging by the reviews, the design of the cabin 3309 th "lawns" had many shortcomings.Among them, the main problem considered wings that permanently rusted.They had to handle putty or impose new steel sheets over the corroded metal.

At the same time the bumper remained massive and strong as ever.Due to the large thickness of the metal he was able to withstand a force of several tons.The driver could surely fix the cable in one of the two holes in the bumper and remove the machine from any marsh in tow.However, the diesel "lawns" almost stuck, even in the deepest and relief areas, and of the need for towing was not.


Compared salons '53 and 3309-th "lawns", the latter markedly stepped forward at their convenience and design.The main difference lies in the use of plastic parts.At the same time inside the GAS-53 were mainly metal elements, including instrument panel itself.The speedometer, tachometer and other promotional items were in the same old style.The glove compartment is also done with a plastic lid.Steering wheel at "the lawn" - dvuhspitsevy.As before, it has a very large diameter.Remarkably, the diesel version of the car factory staffed with power steering.At that time, power steering was a luxury, and is established only in the 66th "lawns" and tonnage KamAZ.

flat floor inside, as well as at the 53 th model.Among other changes, it should be noted the new layout of the chairs.Now, instead of a solid wide "couch" truck was equipped with a private driver and one passenger seat.By the way, the driver's seat has been sprung, and staffed by a separate adjustable backrest.

spaciousness of the interior declined since earlier in the truck could take 2 passengers.But this has its advantages: thanks to the absence of another chair markedly increased cabin space free.

Another small part of the modernization of the interior is the new fabric upholstery on the door with a large pocket for things.

As we can see in the photo, GAZ-3309 in the style of the 80s (just as there was the first GAZ-3307).Construction parts predominantly angular.Because of this interior of the car by today's standards it seems quite outdated.

last and most important element in the modernization of the cabin became its thermal and sound insulation, which in the 53 th "Lawns" was not in sight.Inside was a lot less outside noise and noise from the engine.In winter, the cabin is not so quickly froze.While the stove power was not enough to warm the interior in the cold of winter.

GAZ-3309: Specifications

first diesel versions "lawns" were released in 1992.At the time, it descended from the conveyor of several lots of trucks equipped with a Japanese 136-horsepower engine Hino.Soon after the project ceased to have effect.In the 95th on "lawns" began to install the new turbocharged engine GAZ-5441-10 with an air cooling system.The total capacity of the motor was about 122 horsepower.Moreover, its working volume was equal to 4.75 liters.In parallel with the 3309 model in the '90s it was issued a modification of 4301. It was no different from conventional diesel "lawns", except for the length of the body (3.85 meters instead of 3.7) and the power unit installed.This truck was equipped with a six-cylinder engine to 6.2 liters.The power of this car is 125 horsepower.But it was not only installed in the 90s on "lawns" engine.

GAZ-3309 is also equipped with an Austrian diesel in-line cylinders and air cooling system.Its working volume is 3.2 liters, and power reached 150 horsepower.The main disadvantage of this power plant is its poor maintainability.After a run of 200 thousand kilometers, these engines are not subject to major overhaul.At the same time domestic motors after boring the block and piston repair could again go "in battle".

gas crisis and the revival

the most difficult times for "lawns" came in 1998, the year.At this time, the demand for domestic trucks dropped to extremely low levels.The reason for this was the collapse of the collective farms, under which, in fact, designed this car.For Gorky plant of diesel truck became unprofitable.Fortunately, it lasted only a year, and already in the 99th production of "Lawns" was resuscitated.

1999 was a turning point for the wagon GAZ-3309.Technical characteristics of the car has improved markedly thanks to a new motor Minsk MMZ D-245.7.The engine had low fuel consumption and high performance.This unit is also installed on trucks ZIL "Bull" and GAZ-3309 truck.The D-245 has become the most popular in Russia.He quickly fell in love for high maintainability, performance and surprisingly low fuel consumption.It was cheaper and spare parts.GAZ-3309 can be repaired almost field in the presence of a minimum set of tools and spare parts.But to find the right part for such a machine was not working in any of the Russian outback.Moreover, repair of GAZ-3309 can carry out any driver who knows even superficially the design of the truck.

Last renovation

Continuing the conversation about engines, we note that in the 2000s, Gorky's engineers adapted the Minsk motor under the ecological standard "Euro-2".However, by the end of the 2000s, the production of "lawns" plummeted.Why did this happen, we will explain later, but for now - interesting information about the fuel consumption of domestic srednetonnazhnika.


Many drivers praise diesel "lawns" for their economy.According to the data of the passport machine consumes about 14 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.But in practice, the numbers do not agree with the data producer.In fact, the real fuel consumption of the diesel "lawns" is from 16 to 20 liters.But this, according to the drivers, a good enough indicator of "appetite".

For comparison data on the consumption of a similar gasoline truck GAZ-3307.In the summer, the car consumes about 27 liters of fuel.In winter this may increase the flow rate to 30 l.And this despite the fact that the gasoline "lawns" is equipped with upgraded carburetor K-135 and inertial air-oil filter.

About gearbox

As for the transmission, GAZ-3309 "diesel" was equipped with a single checkpoint for all 20 years of its existence.She was a manual transmission 5 speeds.Incidentally, its switching circuit is not been drawn on the gearshift lever, and on the front (center of small stickers).

Why falling demand for "lawns"?

If we consider the issue objectively, the low demand for "lawns" for several reasons.Firstly, making it obsolete.After all, after more than 20 years form the cab and the body is not changed.Secondly, "the lawn" in its Physical absolutely unsuitable for today's transportation market.Currently valued small, cost and volume (in terms of the cargo bay) of the machine.In this respect GAZ good to get a model of the "Valdai".Thirdly, the driver comfort.In the 80s it was not thought automakers.Today, comfort is an important factor that influences the popularity of a truck.


Due to the fact that now the GAZ-3309 "diesel" virtually no demand in the field of transport, its price has fallen markedly.In the secondary market value of such truck is from 1 to 2.5 million dollars.Such modifications as GAZ-3309 truck, can be purchased for 4-5 thousand dollars.The price mainly depends on the age and condition of the car.

So, we figured out which is the GAZ-3309 specifications, design and price.