What causes nearsightedness?

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Myopia - is a kind of visual function disorders, in which the eye can clearly see close objects, and objects located far are for him blurred outlines.Second name for this phenomenon - myopia.Such visual impairment is very common.According to statistics, it is observed every third inhabitant of the Earth.What causes nearsightedness?What is the mechanism of its occurrence?The reasons lie in the correct myopia refraction of view.The image is formed at such a deviation is not on the retina, but in front of it.Therefore, the retina gets smudged and blurred man sees things.


Currently, scientists generated a rich collection of observations of such a complex phenomenon as myopia.At the same time managed to establish some causes of myopia:

  1. excessive visual load, resulting in eye strain.This can be read in poor lighting conditions, long work at the computer or watching TV long lasting.
  2. Hereditary predisposition.According to statistics, 50% of children whose parents suffer from myopia, to 18 years and is manifested impaired vision.If myopia has only one parent, the percentage is reduced to 20-25%.If the parents had normal vision, the children suffer from myopia, only 8% of cases.These observations led to the conclusion that heredity may play the role of the causes of short-sightedness.
  3. hemodynamic disturbances - inadequate blood supply to the organs of vision, poor blood circulation in the inner membranes of the eyes, the violation of the orbital and central blood flow.
  4. unbalanced diet.For a normal eye tissues synthesize need a constant intake of beneficial trace elements such as zinc, copper, chrome.Their deficiency can be regarded as the cause of myopia.

Scientific understanding of the short-sightedness

order for vision to be possible, the human eye detects light beams reflected from various surrounding objects.Inside the eye are refracted in such a way as to focus on the retina the image of an ideal point.Light rays coming from distant objects are almost parallel direction.In myopia the eye has changed dimensions and processes such rays with distortion.The image is formed in front of the retina.Rays from the nearest items are the difference in the direction of motion.They treated eye is normal.

«As a consolation, living ...»

Some scientists believe that short-sightedness - a biological version of a normal operation in a ever-growing pressures on the organs of vision.Eyes adjust to the work at short distances with a minimum of stress.And this is reason for optimism, is not it?These ideas about the essence and basic views on the causes of myopia.