Chinese "Lotus foot" - the standard of beauty or wild relic of the past?

Every nation has its own ideas about the ideal of beauty, which depend on the traditions and the psychology of people.The concept of female beauty is different: while in some nations, it admires the beauty of others can cause horror and shock.How, for example, the tradition of foot-binding girls in ancient China, which is called the "Lotus leg."

This unique custom has appeared during the Middle Ages.According to Chinese legend, one dancer, known for its elegance and beauty, decided to make a pair of shoes size in inches, feet bandaged silk cloth to fit in them.And so was born the tradition of foot-binding, it has become a kind of canon of grace and the main advantage of Chinese girls.

for such a procedure had special methods, in which the foot is deformed in special ways.Swaying figure and legs, like a lotus - the standard of female beauty in ancient China.The process of foot-binding, so that the resulting deformed foot, was a very long and stretched for many years.At first bandage that bends the toes, then tight harnesses to pull the foot.Such girls are subjected to the process since the age of four, because infants could not bear the pain and anguish of the tight bandages.For ten years they had the "Lotus foot" size of ten centimeters.

Earlier in ancient China, it was believed that the main advantage of a little girl's foot, not a person.Therefore, the groom's parents were interested mainly the foot of the bride, and only then the rest of the exterior.Thus, the presence of women "Lotus feet" was the main condition at the time of marriage.It was assumed that the "Lotus foot" is a symbol of feminine weakness and male power.

This beauty is worth more anguish and physical suffering owners of such legs because of any serious injuries girls could not walk properly and be constantly limping and leaning on a stick.Chinese "lotus feet" led to cardiac arrest, the formation of calluses and ingrown nails.The girls had to walk on the outside of the toes that were bent towards the foot.As a result, the deformation of the internal arch "Lotus foot" looked like a shoe with a heel.It hampered the movement of women, which affects a significant limitation of her personal freedom.

However, despite the unbearable suffering, the Chinese women to be proud of these legs, because it was thought that they are the subject of sexual lust of men.While the "Lotus foot" was considered the standard of female beauty and elegance, its absence is significantly worsened the girl's life.They are humiliated and insulted, because it reminds women of the common people, who did not have enough money to foot-binding.

Such non-standard custom existed for about 1,000 years, during this period the rite bandaging passed more than a billion Chinese women.Only in 1911 the tradition of foot-binding ceased to exist due to the Xinhai Revolution.To date, only a few were already elderly women, who have a "lotus feet".