Fractional CO2 laser: reviews, photos

Modern cosmetology in its development has gone far ahead.Sometimes the result of coordinated work of contemplation beauticians think that they can do everything.For what is used in cosmetology CO2 laser?Comments on the application of fractional laser positive or negative?

Tasks laser therapy

CO2 laser has a wide range of applications.Most often with the help of trying to eliminate age-related changes, such as:

  • wrinkles;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • pigmentation.

also using a carbon dioxide laser Estheticians help get rid of the scars acquired because of acne or any other way.

However, in the case of acne you must first cure acne, or laser resurfacing is meaningless.

The principle of laser

CO2 laser has localized high temperature effect on the skin.At the point of contact, he is doing a microscopic hole, which allows the old scar tissue dissolve.Dead skin cells evaporate, but the processes of collagen and renewal of tissues become more active.

Spot exposure laser helps with a small area of ​​thermal influence to achieve maximum effect.A large area of ​​the skin remains unaffected by the laser beam, thereby significantly reducing the recovery period.

delicate carbon dioxide laser to use.Therefore, it is safe to use even for the correction of a very delicate areas of the face, neck, hands and eyes.Laser treatments can get rid of pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, etc.

results from the use of laser

What the customer receives cosmetic clinics, deciding to face resurfacing is that the laser?

Fractional CO2 laser - one of the most effective when it comes to the correction of skin defects.This is the gold standard cosmetology when there is a need to get rid of scars or scars.

result of fractional resurfacing carbon dioxide laser depends on the depth of wrinkles and scars, and yet the effect can be seen after the first procedure.This is especially true of people with light skin type, that reacts instantly to any kind of cosmetic procedures.In some cases, the two procedures are sufficient to ensure that all people have forgotten about their skin problems.

Carbon dioxide fractional laser very popular also because it does not cause complications.Special preparatory procedures before grinding is rarely necessary.After manipulation occurs only reddening of the skin, like a little man sunburn.During the week, all traces of grinding carried out completely disappear.

The fractional CO2 laser is different from other

carbon dioxide lasers come in several types.The fractional CO2 laser is different from the others?

cutting, ablative lasers affect the entire surface to be treated.Because of this recovery period after their use greatly increases the probability of complications - too.Fractional carbon dioxide laser has a partial effect on skin spot.And the footprint accurately calculated by a computer, which allows all the risks minimized.

regeneration processes after application of fractional CO2 laser are much faster.To start your daily activities, you can go out the next day.Easy redness gradually disappears.

fractional carbon dioxide laser is much more efficient than, for example, erbium.After all, he does not just stimulate the evaporation of water from the tissues - a technique of its impact is directed on the evaporation of the tissue (eg, scar).

Preparing for laser resurfacing

before will be used fractional CO2 laser, a person needs to perform some simple steps to prepare for the procedure.

  1. For a week or two before the procedure is necessary to minimize any contact with the sun.Sunbathing is strictly prohibited.
  2. People with III-V phototype before grinding appointed special depigmenting creams or creams with high sun protection factor.
  3. necessary to carry out the prevention of herpes with drugs that advise beauticians.

laser resurfacing may be considered a little cosmetic surgery.The procedure is quite serious, so has its contraindications.

  1. during pregnancy or lactation.
  2. patient's age to 18 years.
  3. infections such as herpes, impetigo, acne.
  4. Oncology.
  5. Psoriasis.
  6. Inflammatory processes in the treated area.
  7. blood diseases.
  8. mental illness.
  9. tendency to form keloids or hypertrophic sites.

Procedure procedure

procedure, which involves the CO2 laser, lasts about an hour or two.Operation is as follows.

  1. skin is cleaned with a special gel.Used soothing lotion.
  2. business local anesthesia to the patient did not feel even the slightest pain.
  3. You must be agreed with the need for a beautician sedatives before the procedure, as well as antihistamines.
  4. Before grinding face is covered with analgesic and anti-inflammatory cream.By the operation can begin only after 30-60 minutes after application.
  5. After a while the cream is removed, and the person again rubbed lotion.
  6. itself grinding takes an average of half an hour.
  7. After surgery, beautician again covers the skin soothing cream.Then the technician can use a few cosmetics.
  8. After the procedure within three days using special creams that picks beautician patient depending on skin type.
  9. week later made a check inspection.

Side effects

of side effects is stated just 3% of patients when used for grinding the fractional CO2 laser.Reviews, photos of patients after unsuccessful operations show that there are only four forms, which may cause a side effect of the procedure:

  • keloid scars;
  • clog the pores of the skin;
  • hyper- or hypopigmentation;
  • infection.

Wink or no side effects depends on the skill level of a beautician who will perform the operation.It is important to how faithfully the patient went to the preparatory period and how carefully watched his skin during the recovery period.The important role played by the accuracy of the information about the state of his health, which gives people the beautician.

CO2 Fractional Laser: reviews

Promotional brochures promise that a positive result after laser correction is guaranteed.However, there are quite different views about the effectiveness of the procedures used in the course of which the fractional CO2 laser.

Reviews, photos of some patients simply surprised at how much better visually began to look after the skin resurfacing.And the first positive results appear within twenty days after the procedure.Then, within six months the skin continues to be updated, her condition is improving every month.

individuals experience shows that laser fractional resurfacing is able to cope even with the large and unattractive scars.

But at the same time there is another side to the procedure: some unlucky patients, side effects still appear on their skin.Although the case is likely not in luck, and the degree of responsibility with which the people about their health.It is not only important to prepare for the procedure, but also to make sure that the chosen clinic has a good reputation, and have the patient had no contraindications to the procedure.