How to make a compote of hawthorn?

Many housewives stock up for winter utility preserves - jams, compotes and others.These products are not only delicious treats, but also allow in the cold season to receive a charge of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.For example, a compote of hawthorn.Make it easy, and the necessary ingredients for this can be found at your fingertips.And the results will be useful for colds and other diseases, as well as a delicious drink.

plant "Hawthorn»

Hawthorn is a medicinal plant, the nutrients contained not only in its red fruits but also in leaves.Due to the presence of elements such as vitamins C and E, minerals and organic acids, choline, trimethylamine, flavonoids and others, a natural drug used as a reinforcing and reducing agent in the following diseases:

  • heart disease, arrhythmias, and others;
  • irregularities in the vascular system;
  • gall bladder and liver.

A pectin content in the leaves and fruits of hawthorn can be used (there are various recipes) for poisoning the body of heavy metals.

Methods for preparing

This remedy can be consumed in raw form (a fruit), and various tinctures and decoctions.You can also prepare compote of hawthorn with the addition of other fruits such as apples.

To do this you will need the following products:

  • apple of medium size (about 9 units);
  • hawthorn (500 g);
  • drinking water (9 l);
  • sugar (1 kg).

compote hawthorn can be done in a number of these stages.

  1. Prepare apples.They need to clean up, remove the stalk and spoiled the place, then divide into slices, cut with the inner part of the seed.
  2. Preparation hawthorn.With the fruit to remove the stem, wash and possible split in half.
  3. Prepare syrup.Boil water in a saucepan, add sugar and keep on the heat for about 3 minutes.
  4. main works.The sterilized glass containers put apples and hawthorn, pour hot syrup container and cork.
  5. Put jars with compote to cool, while they need to turn on the cover.

Other recipes

Compote Hawthorn can prepare a different way to do this, the fruit of this plant (500 g) was cleaned and cut in half, then remove seeds, put in the prepared glasscontainer.Pour previously prepared syrup of water (1 L), citric acid (5 g) and sugar (400 g).Hold cans in a water bath (about 85 ° C) for about 30 minutes, then roll covers.

also well hawthorn turns jam.Known recipe from the fruit of this plant with apples, the highlights of which are presented below.

  1. Clear apples and divided into slices, remove the cotyledons.
  2. Hawthorn should be cleaned from the seeds.
  3. Cover all ingredients with sugar and let to release the juice, with a ratio of 1: 1: 1.
  4. process of cooking jam consists of several stages.Initially, the mass is heated to boiling and boiled under a reduced heat for about 5 minutes.After 8 hours, these actions are repeated, and the weight should acquire strength and rich taste.The hot mass is spread into the prepared container and cork.

Preparation Hawthorn does not require much effort, you can make different preparations from this useful product.The use of this remedy will enrich the body with vitamins and other essential elements in the cold season and guard against colds and other ailments.